Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Getting Married : The Bridal Room

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

2 months, 1 week & 3 days before the Wedding (insyaAllah) & the preparation now has now on the faster pace. Kalau tak faster, memang wajib berasa gelabah sekarang -.-' We are (or rather, the super handy & hardworking Father) currently working on the soon-to-be-bridal room & also the toilet downstairs

 1. The before-after wall, 07/12/2014
2. The current state of room, 10/12/2014
3. The newly painted night stands, 01/12/2014
4. Coating the vanity with the first layer of white paint, 10/12/2014

The Sister's previous bridal bed, nigh stands, vanity & wardrobe are still in the good condition. So, instead of buying & spending at least RM2999 on the new bedroom set, we opted to just recycle them which is actually a wise decision to make since there's no more room for another bedroom set in our house

Abah is currently repainting them in white (as per my request. Hehe!) & they do look like new. Can't wait to see the end result :)

Meanwhile, The Mother & I have been hunting for 2 pretty bedside lamps & whenever we saw some things that caught my interest, they were either too expensive or too short. I actually don't have any particular design in my mind but I prefer an English look which usually doesn't come cheap

Abah is also repainting the wall white (although I did consider mild grey but white won obviously). I love how the colour gives the room a whole new look, makes it more spacious. Thinking of getting an English/French style wallpaper but knowing myself who easily get bored at anything printed, I shook the thought off

Anyway, ini adalah bilik tidur yang saya suka

The bridal package that we booked does include the decoration in the bridal room. So, kita tunggu sahajalah the wedding planner datang untuk the site visit soon. They were supposed to come at the end of November, sibuk gamaknya sampai la ni tak mai lagi rumah cheq

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