Thursday, 4 December 2014


We just lost a cat recently. Its name was Tommy & we had him since 2007

I always regard myself as a cat lover, the one who will go anyonyonyo & make a cat's (kepit) voice whenever I see any. According to my Mother, I used to suck one of our cats' nose when I was a toodler/kid. I used to go to bed with my cats & would cry for days when they died. Siap karang essay & poem bagai

Now, there were some incidents once in a while where my cat(s) would poop on my bed. Since there was no use to give them a series of lectures (as if they would listen -.-'), so I usually cleaned the mess, sprayed Ridsect onto the spot & changed the bed sheet

Losing someone/pets/things you love is painful & I've experienced some heart-wrenching losses so far. I've lost my elder sister in 1993, my maternal grandmother in 2004 & my elder brother in 2005 & countless of cats in my life

Touching pulak hari ni. Balik kerja petang karang nak singgah beli Chatime

Oh ya, kalau sudi marilah kita sedekahkan al-fatihah kepada semua umat Islam yg telah pergi. Al-fatihah...
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