Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Of Dream Job, Family & Marriage

16/12/2014, Burger King at Tesco Kota Bharu

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I'll be attending an important interview next month, on 15/01/2015 to be specific. And I'm not actually 100% sure whether I shall give it a try or let it go just like the first time I received it in June 2013

Between a dream job & family, persuasion & dissuasion, my mind is confused

Of course the Family & A.H really want me to go regardless any reason I had given them. It will be such an utterly selfish act if I don't include the Parents in all my plans. In fact, they are always my priority but yes, as painful as it may sound, sometimes you need to sacrifice some things in life in order to receive other things, which hopefully are the best for everyone. Who knows that stepping out from this not-so comfort zone will bring me to something better & greater. InsyaAllah

I never discussed openly about me & A.H's plan after we get married but we're going to be in a LDR for a few months until he finishes his housemanship in June or July. The original plan is A but in case there will be an avoidable circumstance in the future, we will resort to Plan B. If ade rezeki dengan interview ni, Plan C it will be. InsyaAllah.

So, I've 3 things to handle in hands now; the interview, wedding preparation & kerjaya hitam putihku demi sesuap nasi. Prioritinya mestilah kepada wedding preparation yang masih berbaki 40% itu *lap peluh* Interview tu kita get ready la setakat yang mampu. If ada rezeki, ada la. If not, Plan A or B!

May Allah ease our affairs in everything we are in/at. Amin & InsyaAllah. We plan, Allah plans but indeed He is the best of Planner :)

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