Sunday, 18 January 2015

Getting Married: The Final Fitting

15/01/2015,  Nurza Wedding House

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A.H was here last week despite only had one off day. Poor guy had to rush to Subang Airport after his night shift ended on Wednesday morning (mengantuk tak cukup tidor ramai pula ibu-ibu mengandung ingin melahirkan anak pada malam tersebut yah?) & rushed back to KL on Friday morning to catch his flight at 1:20 pm as  his night shift starts at 7 p.m

We went for the final fitting at Nurza on Thursday evening (for the akad & reception at my house) & his relative's bridal boutique on Friday morning (for the reception at his side)

I think I have to admit one thing that trying many bridal outfits was very tiring, not to forget embarrassing. Lols! 

I had to try on some outfits (more than 10 I think) in front of my future MIL, the Mother, A.H's grandmother, relatives & even A.H himself -.-' without even having a proper room. Tukar depan-depan je konsep open air gittewww but of course with the full garments on la. But still it was very embarrassing exposing yourself to the world like that. Tsk!

Nonetheless, it was so relief that we managed to tick off a few things from the list. Alhamdulillah & now we're looking forward for more ticks on the list, InsyaAllah. Oh ya, need to get a pair of kilat bergemerlapan 6 cm bridal shoes & a few tudungs asap

1 month & 2 days left before the Big Day, may Allah ease our affairs. Amin ya rabbal alamin 

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