Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Getting Married: The Hantaran Trays

24/01/2015, WS Handicaft Kota Bharu

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Went for flower hunting for hantaran deco on Saturday afternoon with the Mother & Sister. It wasn't as easy as I thought, I was mabuk bunga. Pheww!

2 trays are done so far & 7 days more to go. Credits to the two Ladies of the house for their work & creativity + some Instagram accounts which have been our main sources of inspiration. My Sister told me that I'm perfectionist but when it comes to thing like this ...... *hands down* Bab gubah bunga macam ni, mek hanyalah mampu jadi quality controller but still, I've my own taste & preference 

I was browsing through the photos of the finished hantaran trays in my handphone before going to the bed last night & decided that, I'm not satisfied with the flower arrangement. I think we need to change a few things. Huhu! 

It must be the late night's dilemma created by my worn-out brain but it could also be an honest opinion. Or both. But a bride-to-be must have what she wants to have. So, hopefully my Sister won't be upset & scold me :B

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