Tuesday, 27 January 2015

How Bridezilla Got Her Name

25/01/2015, Secret Recipe Kubang Kerian

Assalamualaikum & hello!

Had a dinner date with one of my good friends, Baei on Monday evening after work. Oh my goodness, how happy I was when Baei asked me out because only Allah knows how much I need such date lately. Actually even bukan fancy date pun, as long as there's food served on the table, I'm a happy kid! So, tqvm Baei for the birthday treat!  

I've to admit that with all this ongoing wedding preparation, I've been stressed out

Every bride-to-be wants the best on their wedding & I'm not an exclusion. But of course when many parties are involved in planning 2 major events, you can't avoid a few misunderstanding & problems coming on your way. It's true that tolerance is the key while on the same time, you're trying so hard to make sure that your sanity is still intact with your soul. It's a dilemma between satisfying self-want/dream vs pleasing other people

Now I know how the title 'Bridezilla' got her name :P

24 days left before the Wedding. Ya Allah, please make everything easy for all of us. It freaks me out everyday of how fast time flies yet we still have a few things on the list untick. InsyaAllah, everything will go smooth as planned. So far, masih lena tidur pada waktu malam. Maybe sebab energy banyak keluar & otak penat berfikir pada siang hari

Can't wait for everything to be over. Nak qadha tidur please?

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