Monday, 26 January 2015

1 Year

Assalamualaikum & hi!

A year ago on this date, 26/01/2014, A.H & I met for the very first time. So, please allow me to have a trip down memory lane :P

The first time we met, it wasn't a date, it was more to an impromptu meeting. I was in KL for a few days with the Boss attending a court matter at KL Industrial Court & A.H was on leave. So prior to that he decided that we shall meet. Kunun-kunun nak celebrate birthday together as both of us are January babies

Before we met, A.H thought that I was serious & tegas (can a lawyer not be labelled as tegas? Pftt!) but he told me that I had proved that he was wrong (in a good way hopefully!) We had our so-called birthday dinner at Seoul Garden, Paradigm Mall (where he did most of the cook. Lols!) & later, I introduced A.H to my Boss & her sister

One thing led to another. Ahem!

From strangers & his first 'hello' on 06/01/2014, the first time we met on 26/01/2014, his first time meeting the Family on 01/03/2014, Merisik on 23/03/2014 to the day we got engaged on 10/05/2014, 2014 was indeed very eventful to both of us. And now we are very looking forward for 21/02/2015. InsyaAllah!

16/01/2015, Sultan Ismail Airport
No doubt that he's the best thing ever happened to me in 2014

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