Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bride-To-Be Blues

The last parcel for my sweet bridesmaid, NikkoAlia couriered on 29/01/2015. Lambat gils. Hehe!

Assalamuaikum & hi!

Today is the 1st day of the second chapter for 2015. How fast time flies! Where have all those days gone? *freaks out* Rasa macam baru je new year. This month is going to be very busy. 20 days before the Wedding, InsyaAllah & I wish I can just blurt out what have been clouding my mind. The excitement, the worry, the mixed feeling etc. Ya Allah, please make everything easy for us

I was on the phone with A.H last Wednesday while driving from work:

Saya: Tiba-tiba rasa takut nak kahwin. Boleh tak I tak nak kahwin?
Saya: I rasa I tak ready lagi la nak kahwin. Rasa macam kecik lagi. Huhu!
A.H: Apa yang kecik ni S?
Saya: I la. I rasa macam budak kecik lagi nak kahwin. Huhu!
A.H: Ada pulak macam tu
Saya: Nanti tak boleh dah nak celebrate raya kat Kota Bharu. Huhu! *continues meratap*

I know it's normal for every bride-to-be to be worried about changing the status from Miss to Mrs, feeling scared that everything is not going to be the same anymore once the word 'sah' is repeated by the saksi during akad. This bride-to-be blues, I hope it's temporary. Sigh!

Apa-apa pun, I think I'm still not ready yet for marriage T_T

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