Monday, 16 February 2015

Clothing For Chinese New Year

Assalamualaikum & hi!

The Chinese New Year is getting near *counts* 2 days more actually! Although I'm a pure Malay, my fiance, A.H is 1/3 Chinese. So, please allow me to absorb the Chinese New Year spirit & semangatness. Hehe!

Like other festive seasons, some people may start shopping for new clothes. New baju, new pants, new purse & who knows, new teman hidup for anyone who is still single. Hehe! This is the time where people shop like there's no tomorrow! However for the individuals who are having a hard time finding time to shop for new clothing to wear on this coming Chinese New Year, worry no more as with the existence of online shopping, everything can be purchased with just a click of a button

When I was still a pokai uni student a few years ago *tries to forget the year I graduated*, online shopping was still something new in Malaysia. It was like an alien concept to me that I didn't understand why some people were so crazy about it. I even innocently told myself to never let myself be one of those online shoppers. Lols! So pure, so innocent!

Student = More free time but less money to spend
Working adult = More money, more kenduri to attend but less time for shopping

Anyway, have you ever heard about ZALORA? Well if you haven't, dude, where have you been?

ZALORA provides their customers with the latest collection of clothing which are designed for the Lunar year. All you have to do is switching on your laptop or smartphone with internet connection & go to ZALORA website. It's as simple as eating limau mandarin pemberian the office next door! It's not restricted to men only as both men and women can browse through the site and pick out the clothes which catch their interest. No more be like a kemek sardine in crowded malls or shops, you know? 

In the spirit of celebrating CNY, women who want to maintain the tradition cheongsam attire on Chinese New Year will definitely love the modern yet trendy cheongsams available from various brands in ZALORA. From well-known brands and designers, women can select the cheongsam dresses based on their personal fashion taste. Choose a bright red for a classic look or be more modern with the printed texture pattern ones. Like this pretty amoi

Be red, be bold and be creative with red. Sigh! How much I love red. It must be the Mother's influence. Fyi, other than black and white (so bored! *yawns*, red is also one of my favourite colours because you can never go wrong with red. Well in my case, there's an exception

Besides that, women can get their Chinese New Year mood rolling by drooling over the fantastic inspired tops and skirts offered at ZALORA. With floral motifs, various colours and patterns, women can mix match them according to their own creative style. Look casual yet trendy wearing the Chinese New Year inspired top and skirts while celebrating it with your friends or family

Meanwhile, the men also can enjoy an amazing shopping experience as ZALORA offers the best Chinese New Year collection consisting of stylish t-shirts and shirts. Pull together the t-shirts and shirts with a nice pair of trousers, jeans or Bermuda shorts to get a complete look. Expose your dashing charm and stun the people around you. 

Anyway, here is my 3 personal favourite I choose from ZALORA New Year Collection. Surprisingly no red!

Printed Cap Sleeves Sheath Dress | RM129 Now RM77!

 Jacquard Printed Skirt | RM79 Now RM47

 Lace Mix Peplum Dress | RM129 Now RM77!

So wait no more and start shopping online at ZALORA today for a fashionable Chinese New Year celebration. Just like this abam mat salleh!

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