Monday, 23 March 2015

1 Month

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Alhamdulillah, A.H & I turned 1 month last Saturday, 21/03/2015

Yes yes, I know. The newly married couple can be annoying. Everything pun nak di countdownkan. Lols! But we really couldn't resist to celebrate every single significant date, selagi mampu. And it's true when people said distance makes the heart grow founder

Anyway, A.H was in the town during the recent weekend. He arrived here on Thursday night (he took the last flight from Subang right after work), attended his relative's wedding on Friday & left again on Saturday morning (and back to work that night kerja sampai pagi esok). Doctors are superheroes; they skip breakfast & lunch and work around the clock without having enough ample rest & sleep. Whenever I had something to complain about my work, I know it's nothing on par to compare with his hectic life. Lantas mek berasa sedikit insaf di situ

Maka untuk menghargai jasa doktor di hospital kerajaan, adakah perlu untuk bersalin di hospital kerajaan juga kelak? Lols! #notpregnantyet

Anyway, no fancy celebration as we were rushing to the airport that morning but hopefully that expensive breakfast at O'Brien would make it up. Tu pun A.H who paid for it

To A.H,

Thank you very much for this awesome 1 month. I pray may Allah make us give us more chances & opportunities to celebrate more anniversaries & special significant days in the future, InsyaAllah. Thank you for always believing in me & patiently layan-ing my roller-coaster mode. Hehe! You're one of the calmest people I've ever met, something quite opposite to what I'm. You're so dedicated & passionate about your work & it worries me seeing you having not enough rest, sleep, drinks & meals. I pray may this LDR end soon, so that we can live like normal husband & wife (still not used to this term though) where I can take care of you, cook for you *panics* & go to many eating places whenever we please! And, may Allah grant our dua to become a soleh/solehah spouse to each other & when the right time, cool parents to our future kids. Amin

Looking forward to meeting you soon. Perhaps in April or May? InsyaAllah. I wuv you! (and also your lame & annoying jokes)
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