Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Panas Cheng-cheng Sekali

In case you need some inspirational words & pretty photos, just like moi :P

Assalamualaikum & hi!

The weather has been very hot lately. MasyaAllah. And being a pluviophile I am, of course I miss having rainy days around. Can't remember the last time I went to bed accompanied with the sound of rain. Dah lama tak hujan. I miss it :(

Speaking of which, I realize that I haven't updated this space with my flood story. My very own version of it, experienced first hand lagi. There are still some marks left around the house which always reminds us how bad it was. Can't believe it happened almost 4 months ago. Still remember how it felt seeing everything covered with flood around the neighbourhood

I shall keep the details about it in a special post soon. Soon tu bila ntah. Hehe!

Oh anyway berbalik kepada cerita hot weather sekarang, it's has eventually given an effect on my skin; mengelupas & it looks so unhealthy. Terus merudum rasa keyakinan diri, nak bagi gambar daily selfie to A.H pun malas. Luls! But yes, people. Please keep yourself hydrated alright? Drink a lot of water & stay indoor if possible. And don't forget your sunnies if you're outdoor to protect your eyes from panas cheng-cheng. Just like these 2 mokciks


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