Thursday, 12 March 2015

So, I Heard You Are In The LDR Club

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I've been asked by my friends & people around me (including my Sister's friends & staff. Amaigadd, famousnya mekk! Lulz!) how I'm coping with the LDR as a newly married person. So kind of them to think about me. Hehe!

I remember observing other LDR couples/husbands-wives when I was single (Masa tu memang tak de keje lain gamaknya dok observe life orang. Maafin) & went 'Awww, it must be tough for them, the wife especially! How do they survive being away from each other? Mesti rinduuu!'

Little that I know, A.H & I are now a registered couple of the 'LDR Club', No. Pendaftaran ialah 1M155Y0UIM4U

Officially registered on 28/02/2015

Well, to answer other people's curiosity on how I'm being in the LDR; the answer is, Alhamdulillah. I'm coping it well. So well that sometimes I forgot that I'm married -.-' Would really like to believe that I was born to be this independent & not that clingy. Hallo! A tough wife here! *flips tudung* But unfortunately, not for A.H. Hehe!

I guess, one of the contributing factors is the fact that A.H & I have been in the LDR from the day 1 of our friendship in January 2014, the day we were engaged in May 2014 & a week after we got married in February 2015. Even during our 9 months of courtship, we didn't get to meet on a daily/weekly basis like other couples. So even after being married, I think I'm ok having this little space between each other

Anyway, 3 more months before A.H completes his housemanship which hopefully will be the end of our LDR. InsyaAllah. For now, this is the kind of selfie that I received via Whatssap almost everyday

#suamikuencikdoktor #keningmahal #keningsinchan?

At least, the operating theater has a better & more brighter lighting compared to serious court room. Warna scrubs pun nyaman je kan? Tak semena-mena it reminds me to mint chococolate ice-cream at Baskin Robbins

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