Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Nephew, Umar at 17 Months Old

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I realize that I missed to update my nephew's update at 16 months! Uh oh! My bad, Umar! Mama Sue was so busy with the wedding preparation that I hardly had time to update anything here. But it didn't mean that I forgot you. Manalah boleh forgot when you're the first person I'm looking forward to meeting every morning & I uploaded your photos everyday kot kat my Instagram account tu? #obsessedaunty

Anyhow, I'm so going to force him to read my blog when he can read & understand things soon. So, might as well write him a letter & enclose it with his photos sebagai tatapan pada hari tua

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Dear Ahmad Umar Harith,

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Today you're 17 months & 11 days old. I'm not sure about your height but you're pretty tall & grand for a toddler at your age. Your weight is 17 kg now & it keeps increasing every month. Amboi amboi amboiii! Mama Sue masa Standard 1 pun baru 20 kg tahu? Ni awak baru 1 tahun 5 bulan dah 17 kg? Apakah?

18/02/2015 - No caption needed. Just look at Tok Abah's facial expression, it tells everything!

You're a fun & happy boy who loves meeting people & making friends with the kids older than you. Your laughter is so colourful, it's like rainbow after they rain & it's also contagious. You always make us smile & laugh with your funny conducts. You're so active; you run most of the time, jarang sangat nak berjalan secara tenang lagak macam Dato' Seri berjalan di laman rumah beliau. You fell down a few times but didn't cry at all. Lemak banyak bokali jadi penebat kat lutut. Lols!

07/03/2015, Bukit Keluang Beach Resort - "Assalamualaikum! Kami datang nak berayaaa!"

You're now at the phase where you're obsessed with Upin & Ipin. Just like last month when your Cik Dik (your Abi's younger sister) bought you a pair of Upin & Ipin shirt & pants, you demanded & mengamuk to wear them days & nights. Sampai masam-masam & basah lencun baju. Imagine the masamness! So now, you have 3 pairs of Upin & Ipin bajus in green, red & yellow. Mama Sue tak tahu la kenapa sekarang ni susah sangat nak cari baju Upin & Ipin. Have they stopped manufacturing them? Banyak Boboi & Frozen je

 19/02/2015 - Umar The Abam Sado is monitoring the setting up of the canopies before the Wedding

You're now able to speak in your own language which is so cute & funny at the same time. For instance, "Abah!" which is obviously lah Tok Abah kan? & "Baco! Baco! Baco! Baco" which you pronounced it like Upin Ipin's Betul! Betul! Betul! Did you actually try to imitate them? Was it so frustrating when people couldn't understand your language & they laughed at you instead? Mama Sue kept a few videos of you mumbling & whenever Mama Sue missed you, the videos would be on repeat for a few times. Hehe!

Some of your videos that Mama Sue uploaded on Instagram. Gigih nau Mama Sue prinscreen satu-satu

Oh, you also love books! Tok Ma bagitahu that you sometimes will hold a book sambil baring, as if you understand it. Tok Ma gave you a Surah Yaasin recently & you made sounds as if you were reading it. Lols! Mama Sue also bought you a colouring book recently. You're obsessed with it, tekun nau studynya. Cover buku pun dah koyak

 07/02/2015 - On our way home from your Ummi's office's Family Day at Bukit Keluang Beach Resort. Look at you, so khusyuk studying Upin & Ipin coloring book but still had time to look at the camera! *claps claps*

You're a not a fussy eater. You usually opened your mouth whenever we suap-ed you anything but then if you didn't like it, maka terkeluarlah semula makanan itu. You still depend a lot on your milk supply yakni Wyeth Progress S-26 Step 3 (which explains your weight & membesar bagai johan itteww) tapi kadang-kadang kena paksa juga minum susu sebab asyik sangat main. You also can't live without your pacifiers & they are everywhere as you will spit it out when you're protesting against something (i.e nak ikut anyone turun downstairs). Pandai pulak bukak pacifier bila nak menguap & put it back into your month when you're done yawning. Lols!

02/03/2015 - Morning nap before Umar took over the worldddd!

You're so close with Tok Abah & Tok Ma as you stay with them from mornings until evenings during weekdays. Mandi, makan, yakyak, tengok tv, keluar jalan-jalan etc; you do these now a lot with them. Before your Abi & Ummi moved out to your house now lagi la, Tok Abah, Tok Ma & you were bff. Nenek & Atok (paternal grandparents) pun Umar close jugak but since they live in Tumpat, you rarely met them but they came every week datang jumpa seketul Umar ini

Oh, about A.H aka your Ayah Su. Today is the 18th days we're married & we can tell that he's well welcome by you as you've a new playing buddy in the house who is so rajin to layan you play & make you laugh. Hopefully, Ayah Su won't caras Mama Sue lah walaupun sudah ada bibit-bibit perampasan tahta 'Umar's favourite person' berlaku sekarang. Am I no longer your no.1's favourite person (self-proclaimed much :P), Umar? Tsk!

22/02/2015 - Umar was saying something about Ayah Su's graduation ceremony's photo at Auckland University in 2012. Didn't understand anything except "Kau kau, kau kau kauuu! Kau kauu!" *sambil ketuk frame* Photo Mama Sue masa Long Call kat sebelah tu Umar bo layan je T_T

Anyhow, you'll be 2 years old on 01/10/2015, InsyaAllah. 7 more months to go but your Ummi & Mama Sue are so excited to plan your birthday party. Your Ummi doesn't keen with the Upin & Ipin theme, sorry Umar but as an event planner appointed by your Ummi, of course Mama Sue already have something in mind. Hehe!

I think that's all for now. Nak tulis semua macam tak mampu because MasyaAllah, there's always something new you do everyday. InsyaAllah, panjang umur & ada kelapangan Mama Sue will update this progress of yours. Cepat je awak besar, Umar. Don't grow up so fast, please. Mama Sue pray may you grow up well & be an awesome & soleh son. InsyaAllah!

Akhir kalam, Mama Sue love Umar so muchhhh!

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