Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We Are Married, Alhamdulillah!

21/02/2015. Photo by 10Bucks Photo

Alhamdulillah, we are married!

A.H & I were officially husband & wife on 21/02/2015, Saturday at 10.50 a.m (yes, I still had time to look at my watch. Lol!) with only one lafaz & dinikahkan by my Abah at the nearby masjid

Didn't have time to shed any tear when we were announced as husband & wife as everything happened so fast. Received a phone call from the Tuan Imam at 9.20 a.m informing me that the akad nikah must be held at 10 a.m (not at 11.30 a.m as planned) as he has to attend a funeral. Imagine the kalutness with make-up half done on my face, I couldn't reach A.H on phone to inform him about that & a few of my bridesmaids arrived late at the mosque. Pheww!

Until now, there were times when I still can't believe that I'm now somebody's wife. It still feels surreal! What's more with the LDR we're in; A.H is back in KL & in his final posting (Anaesthesiology) as a houseman meanwhile I'm here in K.Bharu menjalani liku-liku hidup sebagai seorang kuli professional

Today is my first day of work after 2 weeks of marriage leave & I've a submission due in 2 days. Boooo! Can I quit from lawyer-ing & become a pet shop's manager, please? 


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