Monday, 9 March 2015

Of Blog Update & I Dun Wan To Lose Chuuu!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

How are you everyoneeeee? *tries to be cheerful despite being so malas at work* I miss this blog & I have so many things to share but tak tahu where I should start. Despite being in the LDR, marriage still keeps me busy. Busy dengan apa pun tak tahu la. Hehe!

I realize that this blog has been wearing the same background for months & if you know me well, I'm a type of person who can't see things untouched for long. I need a new arrangement or look once in a while. Kesian blog ni sedikit terabai

And that's also calling for an update on 'About Me'. I mean look at the picture of me in that robe & bip, it's so yesterday ayte? *flips tudung*

I haven't seen my girlfriends for 2 weeks, yakni after marriage & I miss them. I miss hanging out with them, cakap-cakap & laugh at anything random. My happy pills definitely. People always said that marriage would change people which may be true in some aspects but I don't want to lose my friends! T_T 

Sekian update edisi random pada hari Isnin

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