Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Changing Skin

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Decided to change the look of this blog yesterday, just because I was bored. Heh! 

Nothing major actually except that I changed the header, template, layout & adjusted the width. I had tried a few different looks such as by trying to combine a few colours like pale pink & baby blue but I guess, I love white so much. Literally can't take my eyes off my white blog skin :P

From this ...

... to this!

Been thinking whether I shall continue & resume my old hobby of revamping other blogs (upon request). You may see my previous before + after projects here. But revamping one's blog is really time consuming as it would usually take me a few hours. From my previous projects, I revamped tu sampailah orang tu puas hati & mind you, for free! Hehe! Suka saya ingatkan di sini, I'm not a professional web developer *flips robe*, I just revamped the blog using the basic applications such as Paint & Picasa & of course, I do it with love!

Couldn't afford to do such thing now I guess, with my 8.30 a.m - 5 p.m job commitment but if you're interested, you may write me e-mail ( & we might discuss it in details (package includes editing header, background & other blog widgets). Kita charge RM5 - RM10 jeww, upah kita bersengkang mata depan desktop & sebagai tabung flight kita ke KL untuk berjumpa A.H sebulan sekali T_T #teamldr #2monthsmore #kelagi3months

Click here if you want to see the progress of this blog changing skin from time to time. Kekerapan dia tukar skin tu, iguana pun kalah tahu? :P

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