Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Assalamualaikum & hi!

I realize that this blog has recently turned to 'a typical blog of a married woman who always blogs about her married life, her husband yada yada yada' 


But since I always regard this blog as my personal pictorial journal, so I'll just continue documenting some chapters of my life here. I know we can't syok sendiri in blogging but I think it's not fair to myself too kalau fikir nak please orang lain juga
Macam la blog ni ramai sangat orang baca *giggles*
Sesungguhnya tiada paksaan dalam membaca blog ya? As far as I know, my loyal blog readers are A.H, my Sister & a few friends *waves & blows flying kisses to them* Been thinking of creating a new private blog where I can blog with so much freedom without being judged but nyehhh! Keeping one blog pun dah semput
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