Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Short Trip

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I made another trip to KL from 02/04 (Thursday night) to 04/04 (Saturday afternoon) after the previous one on 12/03/2015. The trip was short as A.H had only a day off on Friday & had to work on Saturday morning. Pergi sana pun dengan nawaitu utama nak visit Atok, A.H's paternal grandfather who was admitted at Hospital Besar Melaka

For my self-record & juga rekod untuk belanjawan peringkat suami-isteri (Lols!), here is the long summary

02/04/2015 (Thursday)

Took a half day off from work & went to Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah during the lunch hour to buy some Kelantanese food/jajan for A.H & the in-laws. The pasar is just about 2 to 3 minutes drive from my office tapi jarang sangat pergi except for urusan like this. Rambang mata tengok barang-barang but I was rushing, within 10 minutes dah siap beli

Took the 7.45 pm flight to Subang Airport & at that time wished that I took the earlier flight sebab macam lama sangat pulak tunggu. Talk about an excited fefeeling tourist here :P

I found that it's actually more convenient to travel via AirAsia rather than FireFly. Via AirAsia, I can just take KLIA Express Train Service from KLIA2 to KL Sentral & wait for A.H to fetch me there. HKL to KL Sentral pun tak jauh. Unlike touching down at Subang Airport via FireFly where A.H has to drive all the way from HKL merentas jam

So, travelling via AirAsia is the primary choice now. Plus, shopping at KLIA2 is so tempting :P

Arrived at Subang Airport around 8.45 pm. A.H finished work at 8 pm. No matter how many times I told him to take his time & no need to rush, dia nak jugak sampai awal. Risau kitteww. Dah la hujan. Cakap on the way, tengok-tengok dah sengih-sengih berdiri depan arrival hall -.-' We straight away went to HR Steak House, Kg Baru for dinner

This is my second time there after my first time on 12/03/2015. This place is so happening at night & I like its lamb chop; so juicy & it comes with a big portion too, including the drinks. A.H hadn't eaten anything from the morning (ke makan keropok lokor je during the lunch?), so I was so generous to give him my udangs :P

Rindu pulak kat lamb chop. Huhu!

We stayed at Prescott Hotel at Medan Tuanku. When it comes to booking a hotel, I would usually leave it to A.H because he knows better than me, obviously. Hehe! The hotel was ok, the room was spacious but since there's a nearby restaurant where whoever can karaoke openly asal fefeeling suara sedap, it was very loud & noisy at night. Tsk! Finding a parking spot at this hotel was also a bit of problem as they didn't provide any but it was better at night

 Prescott Hotel, Medan Tuanku

Why did we stay at the hotel not A.H's family house, you ask? Sebab they're going to move to a new house soon (I'll blog about this). So, keadaan rumah sekarang tak sesuai untuk menantu menginap katanya. Hehe!

03/04/2015 (Friday)

We left for Melaka early in the Friday morning, probably at 7.30 am. Dah lupa. The last time I went to Melaka was probably in 2005 or 2006 for my Sister's convocation at UTEM

We had breakfast at RnR Seremban where I bumped into my secondary school junior, Asmak & her husband who were heading to Johor. Btw, we were married on the same date in February. Hehe! Asmak is a PHD candidate at USM, Kubang Kerian. So haibattt my junior!

We arrived at Melaka around 9.30 to 10 am. Due to miscommunication between A.H & his aunty, we went to the wrong hospital. Lols! Sampai Hospital Besar Melaka pulak, it wasn't the visiting hours yet. Slow talk the the Indian woman who was in-charged of the pintu masuk ward, then baru lah boleh masuk jumpa Atok kejap. Atok was warded for batuk-batuk & semput. Alhamdulillah petang tu boleh discharge already. Didn't have the chance to visit A.H's relatives at Pantai Kundur. Next time, InsyaAllah
Hospital Besar Melaka. Level 3, Ward 2, Bed No. 11

On our way back to KL, stopped by at the malls in Melaka town for lunch & buying some stuff. Kasut pulak time tu la nak buat drama, so terpaksa beli kasut baru

The journey heading back to KL was longer than expected as it was raining heavily + jam. Tsk! T_T Tapau Ayam Penyet Wong Solo for dinner & arrived at the hotel at 8 pm. Lepas tu keluar dinner with the in-laws & A.H's relatives at Mee Udang Aziz Dolmat before we finally called it a day

04/04/2015 (Saturday)

A.H was working on that day. Masuk kerja at 8 a.m, so awal-awal pagi dah check out from the hotel & went to HKL. I always wanted to follow him to work, so of course yos truli was so excited :P My flight home was in the afternoon, so while waiting for him, I slept in the surau like a bawse. Or probably just like other visitors. No privilege at all -.-'

In between work, A.H finally managed to get some times to sneak out & send me to KL Sentral. Laju gile beliau jalan to the parking lot sebab takut boss cari. Kita rase macam peserta Amazing Race dahh! But still, I had time to snap a few photos & a few selfies. Just because :D

Then, took the ERL to KLIA2, boarded the flight home & life resumed as usual. Sekian T_T

Oh, we noticed that how we looked kembang in the photos (hence, terhasillah blogpost 'Young Yet (Feeling) Old' ini posted on 07/04/2015) which led to losing weight mission kununnya. Lols! But I think we did shed some weight sebab after about 3 weeks later. Rasa macam kurus sikit dua-dua. Ke ilusi optik semata-mata?

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