Monday, 27 April 2015

Soon! So Soon!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I’ve had such a hectic month. I've a lot of things to share but time is very limited. Whenever I have time (like yesterday. We were supposed to have a full trial in the morning but the opponent had applied for a postponement to June. So, balik office buat blogpost but today baru siap to publish), the things would either go basi already or I had forgot the details -.-'

As posted in my previous post, A.H's posting result had been released last week & Alhamdulillah, he got his first choice which is the Budu Land. Shared the print-screen of the KKM website on my Instagram, received many likes & also people congratulating me. Sobs!

This LDR is going to end soon! Soon = 2 more months + a few more times travelling but still, it's going to end soon! InsyaAllah & yayy! My respect goes to all husbands & wives who are in LDR for years, especially in great distances or different continents. LDR can be both tiring & expensive and of course, sometimes you tend to be extra sensitive with each other. In our case, it was always me :P

As much as I'm very happy about him moving here soon, I'm still a bit worried about how his family, especially how his Parents would feel about this. A.H is the middle child of 3 & he's very close to his Parents & his youngest sister, S (we're at the same age btw). Although his decision was made utterly on his concern, I still feel like I'm stealing him away from his family. Moving to K.Bharu means staying away from his family right?

Guilty. Sigh!

Told my MIL about what I felt about this & she's ok with it. KL - KB tak jauh pun kan, can travel via plane ayte? And I can foresee frequent trips to KL soon with A.H which I actually don't mind. WoohoO!

I recently installed AirAsia & Firefly apps on my Iphone & whenever I saw some great deals & cheap flight ticket(s), I would quickly inform A.H dengan harapan he would get the hint :P

See you next month, B! InsyaAllah

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