Monday, 16 March 2015

Sakitnya Tuh Di Sini

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

Remember that 4 days ago I wrote about how well I'm coping with LDR with A.H? I think I sounded so confident & boastful there, confessing to the whole wide world (or well in my case, to whoever read my blog. Kalau ada) that I'm a macho wife

Well, guess what?

I think, I have to retract that post *hides under the table* & admit that LDR sucks. Huhu! But hey, at least I got to travel to KL to meet A.H (other than my usual business trips to the courts in KL & Putrajaya *yawns*), went to some makan-makan places & fefeeling like a tourist with my handsome date (sorry biased) as my chauffeur personal tourist guide. Phewwitt!

12/03/2015, Thursday, Sultan Ismail Airport. Took the 8:20 p.m flight to Subang

Gigih nau kerja sampai rosak nametag

HR Steak House at Kg Baru
The portion for the lamb chop was so big, first time makan tak habis

13/03/2015, Friday. Breakfast at IKEA

Lunch at Restauran Ayam Penyet Wong Solo at Kg. Baru

 Had Lamb Mandy as dinner at Hadramawt at Jalan Ampang
Not seen in the photo, caramel puding & banana split

14/03/2015, Saturday. Another round of Ayam Penyet Wong Solo for lunch (siap order extra plate of nasi + fried chicken wings) because my love is so strong you know?

Celebrating the 3rd week of our Marriage with LDR Part 2. Sigh!
And baru 2 hari di KL, kelebaran pipi makin ketara di situ ya?

LDR isn't that bad actually except that it's quite expensive (in my case, one of them is me been trying so hard to not visit malls or Jalan Tar. Lols!) & sakitnya tuh di sini. Ewahhh! K.Bharu - KL je pun kan? Orang lain lagi jauh beribu-ribu km

Looking forward to playing host to A.H pulak this Thursday. InsyaAllah!

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