Monday, 13 April 2015

Of Korean Drama, Oppa & Kening Tebal

Assalamualaikum & hi!

As much as I love traveling, I'm actually a type of person who enjoys a lot of me-time alone. Just me, my bed & some good cheesy (of course with good happy ending) movies playing on my laptop. Like other uni students, I remember staying up so late at night during my younger days (I can't defy the fact that I'm old. Sigh!) just to watch movies or play The Sims. Slept at 2 to 3 a.m just just to watch How I Met Your Mother when I had an 8.30 a.m class the next  morning? Mehh! Kacang!

Now that I'm working & the latest update of my life in case you read this post by any chance (oh hi there!), I'm married, there are a few things & routine changed. Well, not that much really since we're in the LDR. Lols! 

Fefeeling sangat tengok Korean drama sambil makan strawberries & warm Milo

Actually main point sini nak cakap I spent my last weekend watching My Love From The Star. It's been a whileeeee since the last time I watched any Korean drama. Ohh emmm gggg, Manager Dong! Terus rasa muda belia balik have a crush on artist. Mihmih!

I always have a thing on sepet guys. I mean, look at that barely open eyes! The diameter! Do they see things as the way we see? Adakah mereka melihat dunia ini dengan view yang sempit? I remember watching The Heirs with my friend, Ira at the office (the Boss wasn't around at that time, hence we partayyyyyyyy!) where Lee Min Ho was the main actor & asked her:

Saya: Boleh tak kita mintak dua dengan Allah mintak dapat husband handsome macam Lee Min Ho?
Ira: Boleh
Saya: *makes dua* Amin...
Ira: Amin...

But Allah surely knows best. He didn't grant my (ridiculous) prayer & give me Lee Min Ho (imagine the hustle of having majlis bertandang at Korea. Lols! Fefeeling sangat!) as I had prayed for, but instead He gave me A.H whom I utterly believe way better than Abe Lee. Hehe! *waves at A.H*

Nonetheless, notice the similarity between them two?

The kening tebal! Lols! Ok lah. Kening pun kening lah kan?

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