Monday, 4 May 2015

Rajing La Pulok

Assalamualaikum & hi!

It's already 4th day of May! MasyaAllah, where have all those 4 months gone? So far, I've nothing major to expect this month except that A.H will be coming here this 14th until 17th, InsyaAllah & we plan to go jalan-jalan. Tapi tu pun kalau beliau dapat cuti lah. If not, ... T_T Told him I'll mogok if his Boss won't approve his cuti. Still thinking what kind of mogok I'll do. Lols!

Anyhow, spent my 3 days of weekends with attending 2 kenduris & doing some room makeover on Friday evening sekembalinya dari kenduri. Terlampau rajin pulak kita hari tu


Moved the bed to other side of the wall (unfortunately, jauh sikit dari AC), the vanity next to the window so nampak sikitlah nk teropong jejerawat & finally a perfect space to put my birthday present from A.H last January (which I put my precious handbags inside). Was trying to move the wardrobe too tapi ambitious gile betui la nak move sorang-sorang kan? It wasn't moved even an inch!

The new arrangement made the room looked more spacious than the previous arrangement especially tempat nak solat depan vanity tu. Boleh lah solat berjemaah tanpa bimbang lagi akan terlanggar bucu katil. Lols!

Anyway, after a long Friday evening of rearranging, sweeping & sweating, I then realized that the bed was actually facing the kiblat which is not a good thing in Islam. Aduyai, lupa T_T So on Saturday morning, after having sebungkus nasi kerabu ayam madu as breakfast & 2 ketul Beryl's dark chocolate, I began rearranging the furniture with so much gusto, all by myself. Moved the bed near to the AC (and it no longer faced the Kiblat) & the vanity to other side of the wall. Ruang solat masih luas, so major love there

Judging from the amount of sweat I had, it's safe to say that I don't need to exercise anymore until June. Lols! #over 

Of course the bedroom still lacks a few things such as study table, wall frame(s), wall mirror, thicker curtain, more handbags *coughs* etc but A.H & I are going to work on that soon. InsyaAllah 

Thinking of having a major room makeover soon. Like, so so so major! Maybe I need to change the wall paint from white to any soothing earth colour

Or to something brighter & bolder?

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