Tuesday, 9 June 2015

4 Random Photos From My Instagram

  • 30/05/2015 - Went to My LL.B classmate, Aleeya's wedding in Ketereh with another friend of mine, Intan. The theme was Arabian, hence the bright colours of the dress/suit of the Bride & Groom & also the dais. So beautifully bright! Anyway, congratulations, Aleeya & spouse! I was so happy to see another close friend of mine has become somebody's Mrs now, Alhamdulillah. I pray may her halal reunion of love is nothing short of happiness, everlasting barakah & rizq! InsyaAllah
  • 30/05/2015 - Meet our 2 new adopted kittens which have been with us for about 2 months & a half. Ke 3 months dah? Surprisingly, these 2 still don't have any official name yet. Lols! My 20 month-old nephew, Umar loves them so much that he literally squeezes, hugs & kisses them! Ohoi, redha je la kucin-kucin itu diperlakukan sedemikan rupa. Sayang betul dia
  • 07/06/2015 - Saw these cute house at the neighbouring kampung. Love the pink colour, reminds me so much to air bandung. If I'm not mistaken, the old lady who lives in the house teaches kids Al-Quran
  • 07/06/2015 - I received this huge glass bowl as one of my wedding presents from Ms/Mrs/Mr Unknown (thank you very much! I love it!) & decided to put my humble collection of perfumes, body mist & lotion on it. I might be biased but I think my vanity looks nicer & more organize now. Hehe!
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