Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Of Quitting Job & Passed The Final Oral Assessment

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Work at the office has taken away my time to blog which is considered as a good thing. At least nampaklah busy berkerja di situ yah? I thought I was a blogger tegar enough but I've to admit that I too have become like other bloggers who favour Instagram more

Kalau sudi, follow la Instagram kita :P

Anyay, for the sake of future reference, here is a few updates

Quitting My Job, 11/06/2015 (Thursday)
I finally made my decision to quit/resign from the firm I'm currently working at. Of course, the decision was made not entirely by my own but by taking into accounts some factors, pros & cons, opinions from a few people (friends & family, especially the Husband, A.H) & for my career development as well. I started working here as a pupil/chambering student in June 2012 & this month marks my 3 years working here. Mek employee paling lama kerja sini ya?

I'll be working here until July 2015 (which is next month! WoohOo!) & honestly, I haven't secured any future job yet. Baru e-mail 1 resume tadi & hopefully, adalah rezeki. Amin. If not, InsyaAllah there's better opportunity somewhere else. Semoga dipermudahkan, ya Allah

15/06/2015 - Lunch with the staff & Mizah, the pupil at Kafeteria Abah, Umi & Abe. Hispturrr kan nama kedai ni but the food there is sedap! Situated at Tanjung Chat, Kota Bharu

A.H's Final Oral Assessment, 15/06/2015 (Monday)
A.H had his final oral assessment yesterday afternoon. Poor guy, he was never that nervous & he had a reason to feel so! The Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Dept is his last posting as a House Officer (HO) before he embarks his medical journey as a Medical Officer (MO) soon in August. InsyaAllah

Alhamdulillah, the assessment went well & according to him, he even impressed the assessors with his knowledge & answers (Amboi Cik Abe kita angkat bakul pulok dio :P) that one of them asked him to stop even before he finished giving his answers. Hehe! Congrats A.H! Kita pun tumpang bangga sekali walaupun kita sebenarnya almost have no clue about his job scope. He always explained what he basically did in the Operating Theater(s) but I guess, my lawyer-ed brain can't take anything but legal related work/terms anymore. Tsk!

So, bye-bye HKL & hello ________ (insert any hospital in Kelate which has been assigned for him). Actually, yesterday dah tahu dapat posting to which hospital. Huhu! But I'll save that until it's really confirmed

 My Sin Chan

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