Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Assalamualaikum & hi!

I should be continuing doing my work now; one written submission due next week yet it's 20% done. Company Law is really not my forte & anyone who is specialized at it earns my respect. I can't remember what I scored for this subject when I was at the Law School. B+? Ke B? Ke C+? But definitely not A. Lols!


Still having flu fever. Sore throat at its best now. Had to clear my throat a few times while appearing & speaking in front of the Judge this morning. Sorry Tuan for my so not sexy husky voice. I hope you didn't take it personally as contempt of court

It's been a while since the last time I membebel randomly like this. I remember membebel almost every day at this space when I was still a law student. No matter how busy I was, I still had time to update this space. Final sem of LL.B was crazy. I think anyone who went to UiTM (while it was still 3 years of BLS (Hons) + 1 year of LL.B (Hons)) will remember how tough the LL.B year was

Tough gile pun best sebab awesome people berada di mana-mana!

 A random day in 2D way back in 2012

Anyhow, I'm grateful to be married to a guy of different professional (although at times A.H needs to explain some simple medical terms as layman-ish as possible. Lols!). At least ada la jugak some new topics to discuss walaupun hidup terpaksa bermadu dengan patients most of the times T_T 'Patience is the key' adalah salah satu daripada moto hidup sekarang

Office air tak ada la pulok

What to eat for lunch? Rasa macam nak tidur je, tak nak lunch. Berat kepala kitteww

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