Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Of Getting The New Job

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I went for an interview yesterday morning at a legal firm which is about 5+ minute drive from home & Alhamdulillah, after about a month of being unemployed, I'm now back to the black & white profession

As much as I hate interview(s), I definitely can't avoid it. Masih terasa debaran masa attend interview PTD last year which I didn't do well obviously. Lols!

I e-mailed the Firm on Thursday, submitted my resume online & received the phone call from the Boss himself on Monday morning to set the date & time for the interview. Since I'm car-less now as A.H drives mine to work this week, had to ask for my Father's help to drive me there (and the Parents were so kind to wait for me downstairs walhal kita dah cakap pergi la breakfast dulu. Huhu! Teringat pulak zaman attending interview mase nak start pupilage dulu. And I think, their duaa were the main reason why I got the job. Alhamdulillah)

The interview took me more than an hour & I was tested on the basic knowledge on insurance claim cases, which I have to admit that I had only handled 3 files at the previous firm. I was/am a civil litigator so, there are many medical terms that I'm not familiar with but I got to answer 90% correct I think? The rest was more on my experience & borak la sikit-sikit. Totally different from attending job interviews with yang gomen punya, seperti yang dinyatakan di atas itteww

The firm is bigger than the previous firm I worked at with more supporting stuff & lawyers. One of the staff is my Sains Pasir Puteh junior who works there sementara nak kahwin katanya. Lols! The girl has just finished her Master's Degree from UKM. Don't play-play. Another lawyer is my UiTM junior, E. So, I already have 2 friends there :)

So, my days as penganggur are numbered now. Although I enjoy being a (temporary) housewife (I even think that using the washing machine & see the clean & wangi laundry as therapeutic), I definitely can't goyang kaki forever. What's more in today's unstable economy & cerita tak best situ sini. I think I've had enough of days off at home. Plus, I've bills to pay & the Mother's health condition isn't that good lately. Can't forever rely on the Husband alone ayte? 

Quite nervous to begin my first day at the new Firm this Sunday. Probably because I was so used to my previous Firm which I had worked for 3 previous years. Oh, the Boss is a Mr btw, unlike my previous one. So, I don't know how working with a male boss would be like. Hopefully, everything will go well & I won't quit halfway. InsyaAllah

Thank you reading my bebelan. I have to resume doing the house chores. Pheww! Have a nice day everyone!

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