Saturday, 3 October 2015

From D To Y

Assalamualaikum & hi!

After terminating Streamyx at home (sebab pencuri-pencuri kabel area rumah ni tak makan saman punya makhluk. Pardon my words) & relying on our humble 8gb Digi MobiFi for almost a year, we finally have a proper home wifi! Alhamdulillah & wohoO!

Did some research (A.H did most of them while your truly did 50% of the final say. Lols!) before we decided to opt for Yes Zoom 4G. I was actually hoping for Unifi tapi kat Kota Bharu ni Unifi is still pretty much new & tak banyak lagi area Unifi cover

And I can foresee that this blog will be updated more regularly after this. InsyaAllah. Hehe! And yes, more watching Upin & Ipin videos online & Robocar Poli for my nephew, Umar

And A.H is the happiest person now I think as he can watch Rugby World Cup online..... Actually that's the main reason why he was so semangat surveying the best wifi -.-'
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