Thursday, 8 October 2015

No Matter What

While waiting for our bed time last night (or more to the other way around since it had wayyyy passed our usual sleep time. Tsk!), I stumbled upon this video on my FB timeline which instantly changed my mood from zZzZz to wooHooOoOO!

Westlife & Boyzone; my all time favourite boybands were singing 'No Matter' together! Tell me how come I cannot be excited! Indeed, I still am! Been rewatching this videos for many times since last night!

I was so excited that I immediately had to tell A.H who at that time, was watching some football videos next to me

Saya: B, tengok! Westlife & Boyzone singing together!
A.H: Hmmm *looks at my hp screen for a few seconds*
Saya: *a bit sentap with his respond but nonetheless, sings along to the song, eyes glued on the hp screen & smiles like a 16 year old girl going crazy over her first crush*

Guys would never understand this kind of obsession but whatevssss! *flips tudung* Oh Mark & Ronan, you two still look good! You haven't aged at all!

I can't stop myself from listening to their songs on Youtube now. Sigh, those were the days when boybands were all about 90% talent + 10% look, compared to today's. Alright, I would reserve my comment then, kan ada pulak hadik-hadik yang terasa dengan komen hakak :P
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