Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hi! Apa Khabar Semua?

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

While waiting for A.H to come back home from work last night, I decided to do some make over to this blog. Have you noticed anyyyyyy? *bajet retis ramai baca blog ni*

I miss blogging. I do. I miss those time when I would update this space on a daily basis, regardless ada peristiwa menarik ke tak terjadi pada hari tersebut. I would always keep my digicam in my bag/handbag whenever I went to because who knows there would anything happen that would be a blog update worthy. Actually although tak ada benda menarik pun, dah dasar suka snap gambar, gambar kucin kepunyaan pakcik pun bolehhh masuk blog. Those were the days when semua benda pun nak masuk blog. Lols!

Sekarang, flatlay bertemakan desktop serta documents di atas meja office sering dipaparkan di Instagram sebagai indicator betapa sibuknya diri mek ini #demisesuapnasi Busy-busy pung, sempat lagi update Instagram. Apakah?


Tapi seronok juga baca old posts. They remind myself of how my life was back then. There were ups & down serta onak berduri along the way to where I stand now but betullah orang kata, InsyaAllah there's light at the end of tunnel. Gitteww!

I used to nag at my Sister of how her blog has become abandoned ever since she got married & popped out a baby 2 years ago. But now, I'm no different either -.-' Banyak cerita yang dah outdated that some of them I've already forgotten the details. What's more when Instagram mengambil alih that blogging is no longer a priority

And I think my writing skill barely exist now. Not that I have any to begin with but you know, the gusto of sharing what you are up to to the world that makes your story telling seems to be interesting. At least I think so


I need to actively write again, for some reasons. InsyaAllah. Ok lah marilah kita siapkan submission ni dulu. Have a nice day, people!

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