Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Of Being Flu-bulous!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I've been down with fever for almost a week now. Thank Allah that I've passed the running nose phase now but the headache is still there. Can't really tell the cause of the pain though; whether it's caused by the fever itself or the toothache. Or probably both

I woke up in the morning with this kind of look nowadays

Oh hallo swollen eyes with pale face! You're so flu-bulous! (12/10/2015)

My so called wisdom wisdom teeth which have been invading my gums since 2008 aren't doing good either, making me question myself why I keep refusing from seeing the dentist? Adakah secretly I'm afraid of dentist which I think I am. I don't like opening my mouth wide open for the world to see, not even to A.H sebab gigi kita tak cantik. What a crap invalid reason. Yang tak cantik tu la kita kena usaha bagi cantik lebih sikit yakni berjumpa dentist but whateverrrrr! *in denial*

And now it seems like A.H is in the same sick wagon as me. Kesiannya T.T

I wish I can have a day off so that I can just rest at home but work at the office doesn't allow me to do so. I hereby declare myself a slave to my profession #dilemaseorangpeguam #lawyered #demisesuapnasi #penatfikirmasalahorang

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