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Umar's 2nd Birthday

Assalamualaikum & hi!

There are 2 October babies in our family; my nephew Umar who just turned 2 years old on 01/10 & my Mother who just celebrated her 61th birthday on 15/10

Umar's 2nd Birthday

My first nephew,Ahmad Umar Harith bin Muhamad Anuar, the one that I'm looking forward to meeting all the time, the other guy that I love so much beside my Abah & A.H & ultimately, one of my sources of joy turned 2 years old on 01/10/2015. I felt a bit emotional you know, as if I was the one who carried this boy  in my uterus for 9 months. Kudos to my Sister for doing so anyway. Lols!

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Dear Umar

Happy (belated) 2nd birthday! *sloppy kisses & a series of gomoi-gomoi like I always do*

First & foremost, my apology for taking some time before I could publish this post. I hardly have time to sit & write a proper blogpost lately & I entirely put the blame on my never-ending workload. When you're old enough, you'll understand that being an adult is not all about fun. In fact, it isn't that fun. It's entirely another world from the innocent carefree world you were once lived in which is all about sleep-eat-poop-play-watch videos on youtube etc (repeat this until your feet step into a few of boring blocks called school)

Please be informed that it took me more than a week to finish writing this blogpost. Kalau tulis buku, maybe dah masuk chapter 'Penutup'. And please notice my effort of attaching photosssss of you throughout this post

Ok, back to you

I know this is cliche but it feels like just yesterday when I looked at your photo for the first time (I was away in KL attending a court matter with my ex Boss when my Sister slash your Ummi gave birth to you in USains, Kota Bharu), was so eager to meet & greet you at home. You were born as a 3.4 kg baby through an emergency c-sect. No doubt that your Ummi had to endure so much pain before you made a debut to this world but it was worth the wait :')

You were small at that time, so much so that it took me a few weeks before I could muster my confidence to hold you for the first time in my arms

Pictures taken in October 2013
Sigh! Do you know that you were so quiet when you were that small? Lols! 

24 months later, many things have changed. From 3.4 kg, you're now 18kg & getting heavier day by day. I'm not only being among a few who still larat to dukung you, but also had washed your yakyak a few times. But nobody can beat Tok Abah who has become your no. 1 yakyak washer (is there a word for that?), then it's your Papa Su whenever he's not working & available at your service. Lols!

Now let see some of your latest photo at 2 years old, shall we?

 24/09/2015, Eid Adha. Mama Sue might be biased but for me, you're such a fine handsome boy!

Whilst typing this, you're in having so much fun playing I don't know what game with Papa Su in our bedroom. All I hear now is your Papa Su's 'Aummm Aummm! Lari! Lari' while you're laughing hysterically

Stop jap tadi as you were running towards me. You literally threw yourself at me btw. Sakitnya dilanggar objek seberat 18 kg -.-'

Once in a while whenever your Ummi & Abi were busy, you would sleep here at Tok Ma & Tok Abah's house (Papa Su & Mama live with them too. And probably when you read this, we're still living there). Honestly, we always look forward for that!

For your record & as well as your future reference, your Abi is now working as a Senior Registrar at Faculty of Entrepreneur and Business at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) (while on the same time, is a Master's Degree student) & your Ummi is an Assistant District Officer (ADO) at Pejabat Tanah dan Jajahan Tumpat. I might as well printscreen these for you

Taken from here

Taken from here

As for Tok Abah & Tok Ma, apart from being at your service during weekdays (you stay with them when your Ummi is at work) & sometimes weekends, they two are the Masters of the House. Basically, they rule the House la kekdahnya. Tok Abah was once a Imam & Qadhi Mukim for more than 20 years before he retired in 2010, while Tok Ma has always been the Lady of the House. You don't main-main with them, alright as they have the most veto power on you (sometimes)

 14/10/2015. But like other grandparents, they kalah with you jugak most of the times. Lols!
Fyi, a few seconds/minutes after the photo was taken, you went to the corner of the house behind the dining table, duduk mencangkung & yakyak (in your diaper). Despite being an outgoing toddler, you too want  a moment of silence once in awhile

08/09/2015. Having dinner at D Klasik Kopitiam, Wakaf Che Yeh & as usual, you were the Chairman

06/08/2015, Pantai Irama Bachok

Speaking about your Papa Su; you & him now are buddies. Or like your Ummi said, Papa Su is your idol. Lols! We can tell that you like him a lot as you will be extremely happy when he's around & oh boy, terus level aktif naik secara mendadak. But as much as you adore Papa Su & vice versa, your time with him is limited as he works in another district, he leaves home at 6.10 a.m & only reaches home at about 6.15 p.m

But when you two meet under one roof; you two are inseparable!

 19/10/2015. Watching Upin & Ipin on my bed while waiting for Papa Su to come back home from locum. You slept at Tok Abah & Tok Ma's house that night as your Abi & Ummi were busy with something. You even insisted to sleep with us that night but later was carried to sleep upstairs because tempat seorang cucu (untuk tidur) adalah bersama nenek & datuknya. Lols! We didn't mind actually tapi your Tok Ma la beriya -.-'
 19/10/2015. Papa Su had to attend a course at HRPZ II that morning, so he had some extra time in the morning to accompany you watching Upin Ipin. Bahagia betul Umar tatkala ini. Lols!

08/10/2015. Belek-belek Papa Su's old album

02/10/2015. You were a bit unwell but you are so lucky that you have your Papa Su as your personal doctor.  Mama Sue masa tak sihat pun bukan selalu dapat treatment cenggini


You're such a fun toddler to be around. You're so playful & full of energy that most of time, left us all drained off energy. Hehe! Your laughter is contagious & we love it very much when you're being jovial. You're friendly but not every toodler at your age can understand your way of socializing though because you always prefer to play with abam-abam besar, like your 7 year-old double cousin, Adam & your Papa Su. You like to be tickled & being carried around pusing-pusing sampai pening & it isn't easy as you're now 18 kg -.-'

You like watching Upin Ipin, Robocar Poli, Teletubbies & any random ABC/123/Alif Ba Ta videos on Youtube. For the time being, this is your favourite Youtube video. You'll smile, clap your hand & wiggle your body a bit when you watch this. Agak confused di situ ya but anything to keep you happy!

Although we allow you to watch Youtube videos, it's not always Youtube time all day long. We encourage you to be adventurous, playful & just let you grow up like a normal boy/toddler as possible. Some people have different view/opinion/principle on this but I think I'll be a type of (future) mom who wants my (future) kids to be not so focused on learning per se at a very young age. Don't get me wrong, I do want my (future) kids to be smart but why can't we just let them be toddler/kids & just let them play while they can?

08/10/2015. Although it means, I have to get your attention to selfie when you're too khusyuk watching Youtube videos :((

15/09/2015. While Umar busy watching Upin Ipin, Papa Su as usual busy taking your photo. Such a VVIP you are, napak peyutt!

Like other aunty/uncle/grandpa/grandma, we also bought you colouring books & crayons (Oh my! So tempting that Mama Sue ended up colouring some of the pages. Lols!), animal figurines, basketball hoop for kids (which seems to not only attract your interest malah semua peringkat umur especially your Papa Su), cars, lorries & sewaktu dengannya & all sort of toys. Your Tok Abah siap belikan Umar komik Upin & Ipin which unfortunately, you aren't yet at the age where you know how to appreciate things. Hehe!

You can utter a few words already, albeit most of the times you speak in gibberish language with Japanese intonation. Haibakk! Is it because your Ummi had watched too much Japanese/Korean movies/drama while she was carrying you? I don't know. Your vocabulary is expanding now & sometimes, you said words that we didn't expect like a few days ago you asked me "Blablabla Nok gi mano? Blablabla" when you came to my room & saw me standing in front of my study table. Lols!

For now, your favourite words & sentences are;
  • "Hmmm dak dak!" = you say it when you're eating or drinking something you like. For instance; Paddle Pop ice cream or Vitagen
  • "Apa ni?" or "Apa daa" = when you're asking or commenting about something
  • "Ikam ikam" = fish
  • "Car car" = car
  • "Abah" = for Tok Abah obviously
  • "Ma" = for Tok Ma & Mama Sue which can also be translated for "Cantik/Comel" sometimes. Lols!
  • "Papa" = For Papa Su aka A.H

And other words & sentences yang tak larat Mama Su nak list down semua. Hehe!

Oh, you also love cats. Last week, Tok Ma caught you holding our Cat, Putih while naik tangga ke tingkat atas & you did it without holding to stair railings, at all! Fuhh! Kus semangat!

 17/07/2015, Eid Fitr. "Hallo Putih. Have you received any duit raya yet?" Notice your wet baju & kaki kotor, Umar? You stole the show when the guests came to our house

You can be selective at eating but your most favourite food at the time being are Pulut (I'm not sure the name but yang warna brown & ada inti kacang or kelapa) & nasi kerabu. Memang ikut taste Tok Abah & Tok Ma ye? Lols! You like Vitagen & Milo kotak & ice cream and just a few days ago, I introduced you to my favourite ice cream yakni Paddle Pop & yup, you like it too based on that repeated "Hmmm dak dak!" you said. There were days when you didn't much but there were the days Tok Ma risau Umar makan banyak sangat. Most of your baju ketat kat perut, you know?

17/09/2015. Eating nasi kerabu biru y'all with his favourite pulut

03/09/2015. Everytime we have dinner, there will be a seat specially reserved for you in between Papa Su or Tok Ma & Tok Abah or To. Your menu is simple; nasi kosong je

05/07/2015. "Tambah Tok Bah tambah! Jangan malu-malu"

You're also an outdoor person & you can be restless when you spend too much time indoor. Tapi sebab cuaca & sekarang jerebu, we have to be strict in letting you out. Oh ya, instead of walking, you run. You like to walk around Tok Ma's garden & see the 'Ikam ikamm'. You also like to menyibuk when Tok Ma watering her plants, you like to follow her around dengan harapan that you'll get splashed. Lols!

 15/09/2015. In front of Tok Abah's DIY gazebo & kolam ikan. Yes, Tok Abah is that talented

 04/08/2015 at Pantai Irama, Bachok. "Catch me if you can Papa Su!". I'm sure Papa Su had exercised enough that evening :P


09/08/2015. Yes, you like to run. Lepas tu bucuk macam anga-anga

At 2 years old, you can pray on your own 5 times a day. Ok kidding. You pray whenever you feel to, especially when you saw someone's praying but Alhamdulillah, you did a good job at angkat takbir, duduk di antara 2 sujud, sujud (albeit your face didn't directly touch the ground, you tend to pusing sebelah tengok orang), duduk tahiyat & bagi salam turn your head right & left (or the other way around) & raub muka. I think, that's one of your biggest achievements. Alhamdulillah. You also show interest in mengaji & sometimes, you pretend to read Al-Quran althought the clearest part that we heard was 'Aaaacinnn!'. Lols! Ok la tu kan?

We also have always asked you to recite doa makan & you take the task very seriously  although you only manage to say (so far) "Blablabla Allah blablabla". Still, we are so proud of you!

 19/10/2015. Praying Maghrib with Papa Su

 22/08/2015. A bit sexy this little makmum. 2 sejadah siap, just for him

So, are you going to follow your Abi's footstep & go to KISAS, or go to Science School/SBP like Papa Su & Mama Sue? Or go to Maahad Tahfiz Sains like Ayah Di (Abi's younger brother)?

Oh, how come Mama Sue lupa to mention this? Hehe! Since you're my first nephew, I'm quite obsessed with you. I mean, just look at how lengthy this post is! Masa birthday Papa Su pun I didn't blog this long. Sigh! But you're really an apple to my eyes & before you came into our lives, I never knew that I could love another person (other than your Tok Abah & Tok Ma) as much I love you. You've brought so much joy & laughter to my life & Mama Sue promise that I'll always make you happy & be there for you (sebab Ummi keyh busy sokmo? Mama Sue la substitute Ummi. Hehe!). Mama Sue love it when you're manja with me. I feel loved!

28/09/2015. Muah-ing Mama Sue before I left for work

 18/08/2015. Visiting you at Perdana Hospital because you were admitted for athma

 19/07/2015. Beraya at Mak Ngah's house in Labok, Machang. Can you tell who has the most cembung cheeks; Mama Sue, Umar or Ummi?

17/07/2015. Insisting to hold my hand while having your milk. Auww!

Mama Sue wish to write more but it'll be like writing a book entitled 'Ahmad Umar Harith; A Biography' pulak. Hehe! But if you wish to see more photos, you can always visit Mama Sue & your Ummi's Instagram or just search for #ahmadumarharith there

So, what did we get for you on your 2nd birthday?

Well, you see Umar. Like other obsessed uncles & aunties who like/love to buy presents for their anak buah, we always find excuses to buying you presents wherever we go & the utmost excuse we often used was 'Ni present utk Umar's birthday' (repeats this evertime we go to malls & tiba-tiba masuk toys' section. Lols!) So when you real birthday came up, we were really out idea of what to buy for you! What would you give to a 2 years old toddler who literally has everything & may I add, has enough kasih sayang from everyone?

So, on the night of your 2nd birthday which you got to spend with us (Tok Abah, Tok Ma, Papa Su & Mama Sue) as your Abi & Ummi were busy with something, we brought you to this one kids' play place in KB Mall just to let you meet, sosialize, play with other kids & basically, have fun!

We spent 30 minutes in there & we call tell that you had fun. It was a last minute plan & we just dressed you up with any baju we had at home because apparently, stok baju Umar yang hensem-hensem kat rumah Tok Abah & Tok Ma dah habis. It was your first time there, obviously. Kesian Umar semua orang busy, tak sempat sangat nak bawak Umar jalan-jalan kan? Tsk!

To Umar, I really have no idea when you're going to read this but I guess, by this time many things have changed. But no matter what come, please remember that Mama Sue love you so much & you can always rely on me (and Papa Su) whenever you need anything. (Disclaimer: We might not able to promise you instant kaching in your account if you ask us to do that anyway. Please don't forget I've an investigating skill in my veins because that's lawyers do for a living. Lols!)

Everday I pray to Allah swt & ask Him to let you grow up well & be awesome person. Amin. Life can be tough at times but as long as you've Iman in your heart & keep your Family close in your life, InsyaAllah that will keep you in the right path

Oh, do you know by next month you'll be a Big Brother? Although from time to time you kissed your Ummi's tummy, I'm still not sure whether you did understand what a bloated tummy means. Lols!

Mama Sue love you, Ahmad Umar Harith! Always will be!

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