Saturday, 24 October 2015

The Mother's 61st Birthday

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My Mother just recently turned 61 years old on 15/10/2015. Alhamdulillah

16/10/2015. I got a lot from people that we really look alike. Hehe!

14/10/2015 at Cheng Mai Restaurant, Kota Bharu. Her pre birthday dinner slash bukak puasa. Sorry semua macam tak ready, I had no choice but to disturb you & take this photo. Hehe!

Here is a few facts about my Ma, Hajjah Rahimah Awang Noh:
  • My Ma was born on 15/10/1964 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. She's the youngest among 6 siblings & have 4 elder brothers
  • Her eldest sister whom I call Mak Ngah got married at such a young age, probably at 12 years old. They were childless, unfortunately. So, my Ma was under her care for a few years & they used to live in Bachok & Machang
  • She didn't have the opportunity to further her study until tertiary education, although she really wanted to. Coming from a poor family & her father died when she was just a kid/toddler made education was quite expensive back then. Nonetheless, she managed to go to primary school & religious secondary school before she had to quit at 16/17 years old
  • Whenever she told me about it, I could feel strong pangs of sadness in herself :( Kesian orang-orang dulu kan? Tak sambung belajar bukan sebab tak pandai tapi sebab tak mampu
  • She played netball at school & was a shooter. I can say that she's a sport enthusiast as she watches all kinds of sports shown on tv (something that I don't get it sometimes -.-') A real The Red Warriors Gomo Kelate Gomo supporter she is!
  • She met my Abah (or more like Abah saw her. Hehe!) when she walked home from the religious secondary school passed through my Paternal Grandparents' house. I bet, there was something attractive about my Ma that made someone as strict as my Abah to fall in love with her. Hehe! According to her, women didn't really cover their aurat during those days. So, although she went to the religious school (Sek Men Ugama Arab Khairiah, Bunut Payong if I'm not mistaken), she only had a shawl of kain net covering her head, just like other female students 

 21/02/2015. My Parents, on my Wedding day 

  • Feeling curious, Abah later went to her kampung & asked /risik-risik a pakcik where she lived. Ewahh! Oh, they lived not far from each other. Kampung sebelah-sebelah je
  • My Parents got married when she was 19 & my Abah was 26. Their marriage live began in 1973 & oh my Allah, it mathematically means they've been married for 42 years! (Or probably 41 years but you got it what I'm trying to say right?) They are blessed with 4 kids but 2 of them (i.e my eldest Brother & my first Sister) passed away in 2005 & 1993. So now, it's just my Sister & I
  • Losing a child has never been easy, let alone when a mother lost 2. My Ma is a strong woman, you can't deny on this fact, alright?
  • She's an easygoing & friendly kind of person, while my Abah is the opposite. My Sister is so much like her while I'm a forever Abah's girl. Hehe!

Allah swt is indeed fair. Walau tidak mewarisi beberapa sikap awesome beliau & mewarisi sikap Abah instead (yang masih juga awesome actually. Ahem1), I've got her look. Hehe! These are photos of her taken about 20 years ago & your truly taken in 2012

  • Beside being a housewife & she also was a tailor. Not just an ordinary tailor I tell you. She took orders for all kinds of sewing service; from receiving a tender to jahit payung for istiadat diraja for Sultan Terengganu, jahit langsir for government's office (the KB court was one of them), jahit beratus-ratus pasang baju sekolah etc, she did them all
  • She is no longer a tailor though. Now jahit baju anak-anak je yakni kita & Kakak kita. Hehe! It's safe to say that I never had my baju sewn by another person which also means, I don't need to worry that my baju tak siap for Raya
  • She's an epitome of someone with green fingers. She loves gardening & keeping her garden pretty is one of her favourite hobbies

15/09/2015. At my Ma's garden with my nephew, Umar as penyeri gambar

  • Apart from gardening, she's also a great cook. I know most people would claim that their mothers are the best cook in the world but I really mean mine. She used to cook at kenduris & mind you, people won't just invite any random person to cook lauk-pauk kenduri alright? (And of course be paid for it sometimes)
  • She's also an animal lover, just like me. For her, a home won't be complete without cat(s). That's the reason why she keeps bringing cat(s) home. Like last week, she brought a stray kitten home which she found at the mosque. Kesian katanya. She fed the kitten, bathed it, treated it's kurap tapi after only 2 days, the kitten disappeared. Sigh!
  • When I started primary school at 7 years old, I still couldn't read. So, every night she would teach me for about an hour & oh manggg, she was so garang that I cried a few times! I could read a few weeks later (if my memory doesn't fail me), became the best student throughout my primary school years & got accepted into a boarding school after UPSR. Thank you Ma!
  • When I was at the boarding school for 5 years, my Parents would come to visit me almost on every Friday. Dalam 5 tahun tu, berapa kali je kot tak datang visit on Friday tuh. Lols! They not only brought me food & jajans, but also brought me clean clothes (mostly baju kurung untuk prep classes) untuk stok selama 1 minggu before they come again next Friday. Sigh! I love my Parents
  • Even at 61 years old, Ma's still fit, Alhamdulillah except for her occasional sakit urat. How she keeps herself fit even at 60's amazes me, kalah kita yg (masih) muda belia ni 
  • She's my nephew, Umar's most favourite person (other than my Abah). I can get jealous sometimes seeing how manja Umar is with her Tok Ma. Umar, be more manja please with Mama Sue?

07/06/2015. Umar might look like he's bullying his Tok Ma here but believe me, he loves her lots!

I can go on & on about her but that would probably bore my reader(s). Hehe! So, I shall stop here

I love celebrating my Parents' birthdays (Abah turned 68 years old in last April) but not the part when it reminds me that my Parents are getting older year by year. It will make me extremely sad because the thought of losing them someday (or who knows kita yang pergi dulu. Huhu!) is beyond words to describe. When we're busy growing up, going to work, getting married & having/expanding our own family, we tend to  forget that our Parents are getting older & less time left to be spent together :( 

I shall consider myself lucky that I work 5 minutes from home, live under the same roof with my Parents & even A.H willingly agreed to stay here instead of me following him to KL but sometimes I wish I could do & give more to them, especially in term of financial givings. Everyday in my prayers, I pray for Allah swt's help to ease my affairs in repaying their deeds & kindness, as well as to make me able to make them proud & happy of what I turn to be now

To the dearest person I proudly call my Ma
I know you're too cool for blog (although you know this blog exist) but specially on your 61th birthday, I pray may Allah swt grant you abundance of barakah, happiness, great health & all good things in the world for every single thing you've done & sacrificed in raising us up. Not to forget, Jannatul Firdaus in the Hereafter for you too. Amin ya rabbal alamin

Ya Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim, please forgive our Parents, bless them in anything they do, have mercy on them, grant them jannah for every single deed they've done in raising us up until now & ease our affairs in making them content & happy. From You we seek protection from anything harmful & bad

I love you Ma. You're one of the World's Wonder Moms & you've set a high standard for me to be one

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