Monday, 21 December 2015

A Short Trip To Na Na Na Na Ganung Kiteee!

Assalamualaikum & hi!

It had been ages since the last time A.H & I went for a road trip (trip to KL balik kampung A.H didn't count). So when I had to attend one court matter at Setiu, Terengganu last Sunday (13/12/2015), I kinda persuaded A.H to take a leave on Sunday, booked a hotel room a day after & off we went to K.Terengganu on Saturday morning

We always wanted to explore Kuala Terengganu, so alang-alang mari la kite gi jalang-jalang

The journey from K.Bharu to K.Terengganu is about 2 hour & a half drive. Since it was a last minute plan, we didn't have any specific place to go, despite stayed in a hotel which is a walking distance away to Pasar Payang

Being a skema couple we are, of course we finally ended up visiting Terengganu Muzeum. Lols! Can't remember how many times I had set my feet there but it was A.H's first time. Wish we were more adventurous though but it was raining quite lebat there & macam malas nak jalan-jalan sangat sebab the next day ada Hearing oii! I needed rest & ample sleep, so did my driver A.H

Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin, Kuala Terengganu

RM5 per entry

Terengganu Muzeum

One of our favourite paintings exhibited in Terangganu Muzeum

Always awkward when it comes to posing depan kamera. Lols!

After seeing me struggle to take wefies of us in many occasions, A.Hi finally said this "Maybe kite kena beli monopod kot?" Can't really tell whether he's really serious about it. Atau sekadar nak memerli kite -.-'

It was raining quite heavily at K.Terengganu during the night. Whilst A.H was busy watching the football match between Selangor & Kedah, I decided to sleep early. Kununnya simpan energy untuk kes the next day. Padahal kite memang mempunyai satu habit suka tido kaw-kaw whenever stay kat hotel

We checked out from the hotel at 7 a.m the next morning, sebab takut sampai lewat kat Setiu, only to find out later that our case was postponed to 10 a.m T_T Pukul 1.15 baru turn kes kita & it was postponed to 29/12 pulok. Huk ahhh!

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