Monday, 7 December 2015

A Visit To Dentist (Finally!)

Assalamualaikum & hi!

After 7 years bearing the pain (can't believe that I'm that penyabar. Tsk!), I finally decided to see the dentist regarding my wisdom teeth on 23/11/2015

What had led to my decision?

Well, I decided that this toothache crap will bring me nowhere. I mean, until when will I suffer this kind of torture? For now, I suffer the pain like once in a month. Yes, the pain came & went whenever it pleased but I really don't like the type of party it forced me to have inside my mouth. It was annoyingly painful & I'm sure people who had experienced know how it feels/felt

So, I texted my friend/former schoolmate/former dormmate, Dr Khuza who is the Dental Officer at HUSM the day before my visit to HUSM Dental Clinic. I was explained about the procedure etc & was told by her that she's working the day after & I could just register my name to be her patient. Kurang sikit malu & nervous kite jumpa dentist. Hehe!

I went to HUSM straight after I attended the court that morning & surprisingly, walaupun musim cuti sekolah, I didn't need to wait long. After waiting like 10 minutes after the registration at the front counter, it was my turn. For a few minutes, I forgot that I was in the dental clinic sebab borak-borak duluhhh seround. Dr Khuza then did some check-ups on my swollen gums + big & deep ulcers & explained to me what is really happening to my wisdom teeth

I was then had to go to another building for X-Ray. Definitely my first experience there! I had to remove anything on & around my head, including the headscarf, jewelries etc. Malu please

When I walked back to the main Dental Clinic, my X-Ray image was already shown on the desktop & Dr Khuza explained to me what's really happening in my mouth. A moment of jakun there plus I didn't expect that it's that bad! Selama ni tengok gambar kat Google je pasal wisdom teeth ni, but now tadaaaaaa! Lookie lookie worlddd! I also have one impacted wisdom tooth!

Can you see my right below impacted wisdom tooth? Baring konar siakkk bak kata Kelantanese people, the answer for all my toothaches all these years. Oh you! Naughty naughty you!

I was given 2 options; whether to keep it or to remove it which I opted for the latter. Plus, wisdom teeth ni tak ada function pun. Dr Khuza then referred my case to her colleague, Dr F which later explained to me that my upper right wisdom tooth might be removed too as it may later cause pain to the below gum once gigi bawah tu dicabut. Alang-alang sakit, biarlah sakit secara berjemaah sekaligus kekdahnya so I agreed to his plan. Huhu!

So, my next appointment for the minor surgery to remove my 2 wisdom teeth will be on 05/01/2016. InsyaAllah. Semoga selamat sahaja hendaknya. Rajin pulok mek gi Google gambar wisdom teeth removal surgery sakni. Haih!

Baru perasan date for next appointment is backdated. Silap tulis

Oh about the payment. As A.H is a government servant, I have the privilege of receiving free treatment at government hospitals, including dental service. Is this a sign or another reason to visit dental clinics in the future?

Oh, makcik Nurse pesan kat kita before datang on 05/01/2016, makan kenyang-kenyang & have someone to accompany me in case tak boleh drive alone balik rumah later on. So, I'm going to remind A.H again & again to take leave on that day & nak makan banyak-banyak & kenyang-kenyang starting from today because removing wisdom tooth/teeth is a serious business you know?

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