Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cannot Keep Calm Anymore

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Feeling utterly exhausted from my working trip to Setiu this morning, although it was A.H who drove to & fro (Pity him. Nanti next time kita belanja lokcing). What supposed to be a Part Heard Hearing, turned to be a boring waiting game from 9 a.m to 1.35 p.m. I'm tired beyond words but I have 2 written submissions which ought to be submitted on Tuesday. Not much progress anyway as they're on one of my least favourite areas of practice yakni

Now please allow me to waste about 10 minutes of my precious sleep to upload this photo & update this hidup segan mati tak mahu blog. I'm such in a dire need for a motivation can't you seeeee? *cries a river*

Maybe this one suits my situation more

But tonight is one of those nights when I told my exhausted self

"Screw work! I just want to sleep!"

Off to bed now! Pahtu esok mengelabah ayam!

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