Sunday, 27 December 2015

Of Umar & Maryam ♥

Assalamualaikum & hi!

My Sister who gave birth to her second child on 09/11/2015 had just officially ended her pantang

 23/12/2015, Chatime at G Orange Mall
Ibu selepas pantang happy can go jalan-jalan hatta tujuan utama keluar adalah untuk membeli diapers Umar

I know I know I should be happy for her (pantang food is boringgg!) but I don't like the part where she no longer stays with us! Or to be more precise, I'm no longer seeing my 2y 2m old nephew, Abam Umar on a daily basis *cries a bucket*

21/12/2015, watching Shaun The Sheep with his friends in my bedroom

No more having this Little Man knocks on our bedroom door the first thing in the morning & conquer my laptop like there's no tomorrow & make our bedroom like his own. Lols! Oh, how I miss having us around. He's so cheeky & fun to be with. And oh, I might be biased because I love my nephew but Umar is so handsomeeee!


No more having this Little Man takes his nap in our bedroom. Sighh! So cute! And that dolphin is his bff. Tido pun tak lepas ye? And he brings it wherever he goes


No more having this Little Man waits for me to come home from work at the doorstep. Seeing him all excited made all my tiredness went away. Rindu bau bucuk macam Abam Umar


No more having this Little Man kacau me during solat.I don't know what was so funny about running around me while I was praying that made him laugh terbahak-bahak. Did I look funny in telekung?

Oh sorry Maryam! Mama Sue don't forget you. Hehe! I also miss having you around although you didn't do much except sleeping, drinking milik (omg! You drink a lottttttt!), crying, wanting to be hold & the cycle repeats. As days passed by, I can tell that I've formed a kind of close relationship with you. Like partners in wefies kinda relationship. Hehe! But in all seriousness Maryam, Looking forward for you to growing a bit older, so that you'll be more responsive & we can have more wefiesss togetherrr! Yayy!

Papa Su & Maryam on her 35th day. Tok Ma & Ummi said that we look alike. I hope that will be an advantage for you soon. Hehe! InsyaAllah

Mama Sue & Maryam Nur Safiyyah, the Milk Monster

It's official I'm a clingy & obsessed aunty. Sigh! I even told my Sister that if she's willing to pay for my monthly car loan, I'm ready to quit my job & be Umar & Maryma's baby sitter. Hah! Can't you see how sayang I'm towards them?

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