Sunday, 27 December 2015

Balik Kampung

Assalamualaikum & hi!

Was back in A.H's kampung last weekend. The initail plan was to leave the house at 2 a.m on Thursday morning, 24/12/2015 but kita hanya merancang Allah swt yang menentukan. Bangun-bangun je dah 4.30 a.m & I hadn't packed any garment yet. Lantas menyebabkan A.H sedikit grumpy pada sepanjang jalan. Lols!

But he can't blame me though as I went bed later than him the night before. In my defense, my nephew, Umar slept with us that night. So, while preparing & waiting for him to sleep, I had to make sure that his favourite Youtube videos are on play (Umar's current favourite is Shaun The Sheep), his milk is ready & he has many pillows around him

23/12/2015 at 23.20 p.m
Good night my boys! Now, where should I sleep?

We eventually left the house at 5.15 a.m. By 6 a.m sampai di Kuala Krai & solat Subuh there before we continued our journey heading to KL. I slept along the way btw dek kerana cuaca yang jo'on. ZzzzZ. Arrived there at about 12 p.m. Makan-makan, rest & zZzZ. We put the entire blame on the jo'on weather that had led to panggilan tilam. Hehe!

What a perfect weather!

A.H's family house is in Wangsa Maju but they just recently moved to Tamu Hill, a new housing area which is situated at the kaki bukit of Genting Highlands & near Genting Premium Outlet whose construction work has just begun. Drive for about 30 minutes then tadaaa! Welcome to kota keriangan! But seriously, from the balcony of our bedroom at night, we could see Genting Highlands shimmering lights. The weather is quite cool there, what's more with a very quiet & serene neighbourhood. The neighbours are starting to move in, tak sesunyi masa awal-awal pindah dulu.

My MIL's udang masak merah is the boom! Nak tambah nasi tapi malu

Went to IKEA Cheras later that evening with the MIL & SIL. It was me & A.H's first time there. Nothing to wow about & for some reasons, I still prefer IKEA Damansara anytime

A mirror wefie once in a while won't hurt

"Hai Abam! What's with your masey purik face?"
Asked A.H to stand in front of these 2 carpets before I snapped a photo & sent it to my Sister for her reference. He wasn't that pleased obviously. Muka tidak rela jelas terpancar di wajah beliau. Lols!

We were actually rushing for dinner
But if we had time, I would probably get myself something from here! Love flowers! #mekbungo

Had dinner at Azizi Dolmat Mee Bandong at Medan Selera Kg Pandan. I'm not a fan of mee bandung, so I really cannot tell sedap ke idok but according to A.H, the taste wasn't as sedap as it used to

The next morning, I accompanied A.H to his locum at a clinic in Taman Greenwood Indah while waiting for my friend, Jannah to come for our short jumpa-jumpa. I had followed A.H to a few clinics where he did his locum & this is one of my favourite. It isn't a new premise but it's very clean & well maintained. I mean, just look at this examination room's door

 Putih bersih disukai ramai

 Jannah was about 2 hours late. Hahaha! But I didn't mind waiting for this girl
Instead of meeting at a more proper place, kedai mamak pun boleh laaa akibat kekangan masa

A.H finished his locum at 12.30, I bid goodbye to Jannah (so many things to share omg!) & off we went to KL Festival City for lunch. Lepas tu straight head back to Kota Bharu

Every time lalu highway, A.H would repeat these lines;

"Kite suke la pemandangan ni" 
"Nak cakap macam kat New Zealand letteww" 
"Ye la. The view is very niceee"

I truly understand why people who used to study in NZ have a withdrawal syndrome with the country as it's known & has been voted as the most beautiful country in the world. Maka oleh sebab itulah everything about it is so special to A.H, hatta the best char kuew tiau pun beliau cakap dia pernah makan kat sana

Maybe, I can start adding some new lines to my daily du'a yakni about travelling to New Zealand something shopping something something. Aminnn

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