Tuesday, 29 December 2015


December has always been one of my favourite months

When I was a kid when both of me & my Sister were still at kindergarten & primary school (we're 5 years apart), I remember our Decembers were very fun & cold. It was always raining heavily on Decembers & for some reasons, it was much colder during those days. The air was thickened, moisten & cold that there were days that I even skipped taking bathes. Lols!

But being home with the people who were closest to my heart made everything felt warm. Nothing can beat the coziness at being home, wrapped in my favourite blanket while watching cartoons on TV. No school, no kelas mengaji & nothing else mattered at that time. There were times we would sneak out of the house to mandi hujan & would only stop when we started to shiver or our lips turned blue

I always have things for rainy days. It's a kind of feeling I couldn't exactly find perfect words to describe. The feeling of serenity & at ease

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