Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Day My Husband Turns 30 ♥

Lai Meng Kindergarten, KL

My husband, A.H turns a year older today! Alhamdulillah!

Happy birthday to the Love of my life, my bestfriend, my Imam, my financial advisor, my eating & jalan-jalan buddy (the reason why we go rounder together. Lols!), my personal doctor & hopefully, the reason for us to obtain Jannah together, insyaAllah 

I'm so sorry that there's no special celebration whatsoever for your birthday, not even a birthday card. I had planned to get you something this week but the aftermath of the minor oral surgery to remove my wisdom tooth which I had on Tuesday (tqvm for accompanying me!) is (very) painful, I haven't been able to 'sneak out' from the house yet but don't worry as I'm planning to have a massive celebration soon; your birthday (07/01), your first Hello on FB chat (11/01/2014), my birthday (23/01) & the day we met for the first time (28/01/2014). January is definitely a month to celebrate ey? #cooljanuarybabies #wearecoolliddat #borntobecool #lols 

(On more serious note) Every day, I thank Allah swt for blessing me with a kind husband like you, who has completed me. I may not be the epitome of how a perfect wife should be *shy* but you're one of the reasons who makes me want to be a better person every day, inside out. InsyaAllah. Sorry you haven't had the chance yet to taste the best pancake in the worlddddd (an inside joke. Lols!), but behold, a kitchen goddess is on her way! *typing this makes me shiver a bit*

Life has its twists & turns, but as long as we have each other & Allah swt, remain sabr & cool, insyaAllah things will go accordingly. Remember our favourite ayah? "So verily with every difficulty, there is relief. Verily with every difficulty there is relief" (al Inshirah 94: 5-6). Amin!

Happy birthday again, Dr Baby! Minum air banyak-banyak please to maintain muda! I love you Lillahitaala! 
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