Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hallo 2016

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I know I'm 7 days late but it's better late than never. As usual, have been occupied with some office work that I barely have time to update yadayadayada

A few days before 2016, I had planned to do a 2015 recap post, just to have an overview on some important events/things that had happened throughout 2015. Tapi ke sudahhh tak dan. Marriage life + working from 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m definitely have taken most of my times away. Tsk!

Anyway, as usual & like most of determined people out there, I have a few 2016 resolutions which needless to say have been recycled over the years. Lols! 

  • Be a better person, inside out. Amin!
  • Be more positive & not being judgmental. And oh, be kind to anyone despite their attitude. Seriously susah yang ni tapi don't worry, Allah kan ada
  • Mengaji & learn more about Islam
  • Read more (english) books 
  • Speak more English. I have a weird accent; it's a confused combination of British, American & hmmm Kelate accent? Go figure! Lols!
  • Eat healthier & do more exercise
  • Spend more times with the Families & the In-laws
  • Give more to people in need. You'll never be poorer by giving sadaqah :)
  • Make some new friends
  • Travel to a/some new place(s). Tapi dapat keluar beli KFC dengan A.H pun dah happy actually 
  • Blog more
  • New job/workplace? You'll never know :P
  • To be a Mama! If Allah wills, aminnn!
  • Be happier! 

Macam banyak pulak 2016 resolutions mek

Tapi seriously as you turn older & start working, new year doesn't bring much change pun kepada persekitaran, except that for the first few days macam tersilap lagi tulis 2016 jadi 2015 & you still need to carry around or refer your 2015 planner. Life goes on as usual; you wake up in the morning, get ready & dressed, go to work (or in my case, courts), crack your head up trying to solve your clients' problems biarpun masalah sendiri pun banyak tak sempat nak fikir etc. It's the same cycle of life you have to face every single day. Lainlah kalau kita ni budak sekolah yang baru start kindergarten or primary school, nescaya sedikit excited nak pergi sekolah

Anyway, A.H & I kunun-kununnya welcome 2016 by makan-makan outside that night

 01/01/2016. Secret Recipe at KB Mall

Alhamdulillah. Misi hujung tahun 2015 telah berjaya kami capai. A.H lost 500g while yours truly lost 1kg. Maka kami menyambut pencapaian tersebut di Secret Recipe. Terus naik balik 1kg. Lols!

Wow! It feels great to membebel here although I'm not sure who still reads this life shy, die don't want blog

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