Friday, 15 January 2016

The Day I Bid Goodbye To My Wisdom Tooth

I had a minor oral surgery (MOS) to remove my wisdom tooth (which was horizontally erupted) at HUSM on 05/01/2016, Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, everything went well. I was given 3 days of MC & oh my Allah, can't imagine how my days would be if they didn't give the MC & I still have to go to work!

Prior to the MOS, I went to HUSM on 25/11/2015 & had my teeth examined & x-rayed. Was explained that my right bottom wisdom tooth is horizontally impacted with most of it below the gum line while the upper is partially erupted. That explains a countless series of bad & deep ulcers on my cheeks, headache, fever etc I've had since 2008

You can read the rest of the story here

The MOS procedure took about 2 hours, right from my history & blood pressure reading were taken, they put me under local anaesthesia (LA) (2 doses of it), the removal of my bottom right wisdom tooth (Still have another one but nanti la dulu. Lols!), was explained on the need to have soft diet for a couple of days to collecting my medicines

During the MOS, my face (except the mouth area) & my upper body were covered with green cloth but I still could see the tools used hasil dari intaian di sebalik lipatan bahagian mata. Hehe! And it would probably took me some times to forget the loud krenggg krengggg sound when they tried to korek my wisdom tooth & pull it out. Perghh! Bergegor kepala 

Although I was put under LA, I still could feel the pain & pressure on the gum. Other than syahadah, berzikir etc, I also had my own mantra yakni "Ore lain sakit supo ni jugok. So come on! I can do this", "If you had the patience to bear the pain since 2008, so why not now?" etc. Oh, I also forced myself to sleep but that krenggg krengggg sound was utterly disturbing 

At the end of the MOS,  they satured (jahit) my gum 3x & I could see the kilatness of the thread they used. Lols! Haven't had the heart to look at them until now but dapat rasa lah dengan lidah. Oh, right after the MOS, they showed me my babies, I mean my wisdom which was broken into 4 pieces & despite the pain, numbness around my face & difficulty to speak because I had gauze inserted into my mouth, I still had the chance to ask, "Can I keep them?" #formemorysakekekdahnya 

10 days after the MOS, it's safe to say that I'm 90% recovering (except for the ulcer(s)), compared to the first 4 days after the MOS where I still could feel the pain, my face was swollen & swallowing own saliva pun required some hard work, let alone nak makan. And being a nasik lover I'm, of course being under soft diet was hard for me. I was so hungry & it frustrated me that I only could have only porridge. Dok rokk bohh makey bubur pagi petey siey maley. I lost almot 2 kg within that grief period which is quite nice actually. Hehe!

Tqvm to Klinik Pakar Pergigian HUSM, especially to everyone who involved during the MOS for their great hospitality. I was surrounded by a couple of final year dental students, including one Chinese guy who assisted during the MOS & hopefully, adik-adik sekalian beroleh manfaat daripada pemerhatian adik-adik terhadap gigi bongsu akak itteww!

Tqvm to A.H for taking a leave & teman kita on that day. Gara-gara the MOS, I had to postpone his birthday celebration because what's birthday celebration without a festive makan-makan?

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