Thursday, 10 March 2016

Almost 3 Years


Assalamualaikum & hi!

In 5 more months, I'll turn 3 years old in this black & white profession

Well, for some people bunyi macam baru jeeekkk but no no no no! *goyang-goyang jari telunjuk*, people can no longer regard me as a junior lawyer anymore because heck, it's freaking 3 years already + 9 months of pupillage + 4 years spent at the Law School! *flips robe & my imaginary white wig*

I still have this kind of love-hate relationship with my job. There were some days I felt on top of the world, while there were some gloomy days I felt like going back home & cuddled myself to sleep. I hate having difficulties to sleep at nights as my mind has been forcefully immersed with work but I love helping people. I feel uncomfortable receiving Whatsapp msg from people asking about legal matters after the office hours while on the same time, I feel kesian but really, people sometimes need to respect other people's privacy (maybe showing some curtsies would at least help)

And I realize how easily I fall sick these days; headache, flu, fatigue, sorethroat etc. I'm not sure about this one though. Am I burdened by work ke sebab terjangkit dengan germs yang A.H bawak balik from his clinic?

My passion has always been history. Ancient history to be specific. I don't mind spending the rest of my life learning about history; attending classes, field trips & such. I guess, that's the gusto that drives people doing things that they love, albeit sounds & looks boring to others. 

Sigh! I love history so much that I think it's made me become a memory hoarder

For now, mari lah start buat written submission. Tqvm for spending 1 minute of your time reading my keluh kesah. I need to whine too once in a while

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