Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Maryam Is 4 Months Old Today! ♥

Maryam & Papa Su A.H

My niece, Maryam Nur Safiyyah turns 4 months old today! Alhamdulillah & yayy!

I do realize that I rarely talked about her here, compared to my nephew, Umar The Abang Long Kawasan. Not because I less sayang her but oh come on, she's only spent 4 months in this world & all this while, all things that she did was slleep, eat, poop & the recycle repeated

But for the past 2 weeks, she has shown some sides of her fun self! I can foresee this girl will continue to growing up as a fun girl aka Umar's sidekick slash wing-girl slash troublemaker duo 

Maryam had her weekly check-up this evening & she's currently 6.2 kg. Good job Maryam! Padanlah dengan the amount of milk she hah had every time. Hehe! But still cannot lawan her brother who weight the same when he was just 3 months old & membesar bagaikan juara until now. Umar was 20kg 3 month ago & he was just 2y2m at that time. Now agak-agak berapa ye? -.-'

Alang-alang dah cakap macam mak-mak already, here is a list of Maryam's milestones so far:-

  • She has started to roll over. The first time was 2days ago, 07/03/2016. Not bad eyh?
  • She's able to smile, laugh, coo & hmmm jerit? She likes when people pay attention at her & she will coo in a high pitch to get people's attention
  • She's very manja with Tok Ma & has started to show her interest on A.H hingga menyebabkan Abam Umar jealous & berasa sedikit tercabar. Hallo guys! He has a wife already & she's your aunt yakni your beloved Mama Sue!

Che Lah & Che Lah Jr.
Yamyam, the Little Leopard chillaxing on Tok Ma's laps

  •  She likes it when people talk to her & she will coo back.Do I need to start reading to her some of my old dusty law text books? Lols!
  • She's able to recognize people. Like the photo above, it was taken this morning before A.H left for work & Maryam was trying her luck to be picked up by A.H. Lols! Nasib baik la Papa Su work petang, boleh la main-main dengan Umar & Maryam in the morning
  • She's a light sleeper, very easy to be waken up by Umar's voice or people/person passing by. Fuhh! So tricky!

Sleeping in her carseat while heading to Tok Ma & Tok Abah's house

Ade lagi a few milestone but I penat already menaip akibat faktor usia & sisa-sisa lelah pulang dari bekerja masih berbaki #demisesuapnasidantoysuntukumardanmaryam 

To Maryam aka YamYam,
I hope you will get to read this when you're old enough. Please know that Papa Su & Mama Sue love you so much. We might treat you differently from Umar for some reasons. Ok la fine, sebab Umar boboy & he's very lasak & you're ladylike but that doesn't mean that we love you less. I wrote here before of how different both of you are

Your smile, coo & laughter brighten up our days before we get our serious mode on at work. It sucks being adults you know. Haih! Tiba-tiba emo tak semena-mena

Akhir kalam, Papa Su & Mama Sue love you, YamYam! (and Abam Umar too!)


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