Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wedding Marathons

Assalamualaikum & hi!

I can't remember the last time I blogged about the wedding reception that I had attended. Sejujurnya pada usia begini, most of my friends are either busy organizing majlis akikah or majlis harijadi anak yang pertama atau kedua. I even had a batchmate from my secondary school whose her first daughter is already in standard 1 and she has 3 kids already. Untunglah beliau kahwin awal

And that makes feel old tiba-tiba T_T

Putting the keluh kesah berasa tua aside, the recent Chinese New Year holiday was filled with attending wedding receptions here & there which kept A.H & I busy, not to forget, spent our time on wheels to reach the kenduri venues. Maklumlah musim perayaan ni, bekwoh & jam berpisah tiada

Fyi, bekwoh is a local word for "Big Work". Hilir key tuhh ore Kelate. We speak a lot of English you know, after our own Kelantanese dialect #jangankecammek #orekelatehilirsokmo #membangunbersamaislam

1) The Wedding of Shauki & Intan
Shauki & Intan, both of them are my lawyered comrades & their love story is another epitome of "Kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana". Hehe!

Seriously guys (especially to those who are still single & searching for Mr/Mrs Right), jodoh will come at the right time with the right person. Of course you still need to put some efforts on finding a perfect one di samping fix your relationship dengan Allah swt, but kalau bukan jodoh kite, lagi seminit nak akad nikah pun still boleh tercansel

I've been knowing Intan since UiTM as she was my batchmate & Shauki was our junior by 1 semester & it happens to be that he's my former Cikgu Bahasa Melayu's son during secondary school. Hehe. Intan & I we started to get close when we began our pupillage in Kota Bharu in 2012 (4 years ago? Already? Feeling ancient now T_T). I know some of her stories, she knew mine, we exchanged our keluh kesah, when I got engaged she was still single, when I got married first in Feb 2015, she got engaged & a year later, she's become a Mrs already. Alhamdulillah


2 days before their Akad Nikah, Ira & I went to Intan's house at Taman Guru to menyibuk. The bride-to-be looked so letih already with all the wedding preps & flu. Teringat pulak masa kita kalut-kalut nak kahwin dulu.


With only one lafaz at 3.10 pm, 05/02/2016, Shauki did it with style!. Mujur sekali jah, padey la dgn title loyar. Hehe! #peerpressure

06/02/2016, the Reception
Begitu tawaduk sekali pengantin lelaki itteww berjalan. Lols! A.H & I didn't get stay long during the reception as we had another 2 wedding invitation to attend on the same day

Despite not 100% fully recovered from the minor oral surgery I had on my right bottom wisdom tooth in January, di tambah pula dgn ulcer besau di pinggir bibir kiri, I had managed to finish eating all these (dgn kelajuan tahap makan kura-kura)! *pats on own back* Sedap tak terperi, ahkak makan sambil bergenang air mata ahkak menahan sakitnye ulcerku itu

2) The Akad Nikah of Shahruramadhan (a paternal relative) & Fairuz


Shahruramadhan (a paternal relative) & Fairuz's akad nikah at Masjid Kg Tasek Berangan, Pasir Mas. After akad nikah ade jamuan makan-makan kat rumah pengantin perempuan. The lauk-lauk kampung they served were delicious that Abah tanpa was-was makan 2 pinggan nasi. Hehe!

3) The Wedding Reception of Farah & Azim


Farah ni staff kita kat office. We arrived a bit early & didn't get to meet the groom. The bride pun baru lepas habis mekap. Talk about semangatness. Hehe! Anyway, to Farah & Azim, congratulations on your marriage! Barakallah! All the best with the 2nd part of your LDR! It isn't going to be easy but at least, you get to travel & fefeeling tourist di Johor nanti!

4) The Wedding Reception of Hassyati & Idris


Hassyati was my primary schoolmate, jadi tetap curi masa nak attend her majlis. Rumah pun dekat je. Kalau tak attend tu, memang saje je la kan?

Sorry that we had to interrupt you & Cik Abam you bersantap Hassyati & snap gambar di celah-celah kerusi pengantin. Congratulations you two! Enjoy being a Mrs & may your marriage be a blessed beginning to many more happy days & years ahead! Aminnn! 

5) The Wedding Reception of Mera & Faiz


Mera's house is nunnnn jauh di Gual Ipoh, Tanah Merah sana! Disebabkan beliau was my beloved junior & dormmate di Sains Pasir Puteh, despite musim cuti sekolah with jalan jam & all, tetap daku semangat attend her reception. (credits to A.H sebab beliau gigih drive menongkah arus jam)

We arrived a bit early, hence no photo of the Bridegroom, Faiz. Ni pun semangat tunggu pengantin habis mekap so that we could have some photos sebagai kenang-kenangan. To Mera & Faiz, congratulations on your marriage!  Marriage life might not be all about fairy tales, as there would be some hiccups, ups & downs in between. Maka jangelah berbaloh, kito settle dgn caro baik deh? (Ntah pape nasihat pungg)

6) The Wedding Reception of Dr Tina & Raffli


Dari Gual Ipoh, T.Merah, singgah sebentar di Bukit Tui, Machang, attending A.H's colleague's wedding reception, Dr Tina & Raffli. 

Until to date I still felt pretty much awkward & malu everytime I met/bumped into Azzam's colleagues. Mungkin kerana I come from a different profession & we speak different languages, literally. Maka izinkan daku pura-pura busy makan nasi kenduri padahal nervous di hati tiada siapa yang tahu 

P/s: Another school holiday is coming! Hadiah-hadiah kahwin tak ada lagi!
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