Tuesday, 10 May 2016

24 Months After The Engagement ♥

06/05/2016, Papparich Aeon Mall Kota Bharu

2 year ago, on this date, A.H & I got Engaged in a simple Engagement majlis. We (or rather A.H himself  because that guy cannot sabar want to get married. Lols!) made the decision to get engaged & get married after like 2 months of knowing each other. It was super fast that it felt surreal. Like hallo! Wasn't I just single a few minutes ago & now I'm committed to you, Dr A.H?

I was given 3 rings for the Majlis Merisik on 23/03/2014, Majlis Bertunang on 10/05/2014 & Akad Nikah on 21/02/2015 but my Engagement Ring is my ultimate favourite. I mean, just look at it, still shines bright blingblingbling & I only wear it on special occasion. So sayang lah! A.H's on the other hand, is no longer in its glorious state as he wears it everyday, which I must add, even while treating his patients at the clinic. Hmmm, I need to get it sanitized next time I think?

Anyway, you may read about it our Engagement where I blogged about the preparation & the Engagement majlis itself. The Engagement preparation was fun & less stressful as compared to preparing for the Wedding. Perhaps because it didn't involve many things/people & I got to personally decide on what I wanted. Sesungguhnya wedding preparation adalah sangat memenatkan, especially when your house was hit by a massive flood a month & a half before the majlis. Huhu!

Btw, being a sentimental person I wore my 2 favourite accessories to the office today 

 My favourite Engagement ring & the watch which was given by A.H to me recently as the Engagement anniversary gift (maybe sebab dia kesian tengok 2 jam kita pecah-pecah cerminnya). Auww! Tqvm Baby!

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