Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What Is Inside My Handbag?

Assalamualaikum & hi! 

I fasted today (3 days more to go. InsyaAllah!) & had some free time in the office. Kalau tak, lunch break je mesti hidup menjadi tidak keruan kerana memikirkan betapa enaknya meneguk air kelapa muda pada siang hari tatkala matahari merembang dengan galaknya #sisdapatA1paperbmdulu

So, I decided to flatlay the things which I always carry in my handbag to the office & I shared the photo on my Instagram

1. Purse
Other than collecting koleksi nama-nama restauran yang pernah sis kunjungi (Lols!), I also like collecting purses. I have a few branded purses in my collection (tapi sis masih belum mampu la dik non nak pakai Prada bagai) but this Tory Burch inpired red purse has been my recent favourite. For only RM30, I can totally go lasak with it without having this sayangnyaaaa-no-germs-you-cannot-touch-my-purse feeling

2. Sunglasses 
Loving my H&M glasses & case. Corak the case tu looks a bit mokcik-mokcik but reaching 30 next year, I shall just embrace the inner makcik-ness in me

3. Handphones 
I've 2 handphones; Iphone 5s (which I used to take this photo) which I use for my Digi number & also for Whatsapp, Instagram, Fb, Twitter etc while my old Samsung Grand Duos is used for my Celcom number

4. Car keys (not in the pict, office keys)

5. Barang-barang Perempuan
I don't wear much make-up to the office, except when I go to court. On the normal day, I'll usually wear Olay Day Cream SPF 15, Mistine No. 1 Platinum Super Powder SPF 22 & Silkygirl 09 Crush. Other than these, I'll always have wet tissues, tissues, pantyliner/pad & TicTac inside my handbag

Don't think that my handbag is that semak though but I did have where-art-thou-barangku moments once in a while? You know like they say, women's handbags are like Doraemon's Pintu Suka Hati. You never know what you are going to find inside. Hehe!

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