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Trip Balik Kampung 28-30/04; Summarized

Assalamualaikum & hi!

This is going to be a long entry, something which I haven't done for awhile. Lols! Entah di mana mendapat sumber kekuatan menulis panjang-panjang begini pun, sis tidak pasti

When I was single, lonely (Lols!) & loved listening to Sheila on 7 songs (still do a matter of factly), I always wanted to marry a guy who shares the same semangat kenegerian with me i.e he must be a Kelantanese guy

I had a few numbers of reasons that led to such preference. One of them was that I couldn't fathom the idea of traveling hundreds of km to balik kampung. I studied in Penang Matriculation College for my Science matriculation, in UiTM Kedah for my Pre Degree Law & in UiTM Shah Alam for my degrees & suffice to say that I had enough trips of balik kampung. I didn't always travel via plane so, spending 6 to 10 hours in the bus had become something I was used to during those days

So used to sampai bila ingat balik memori penatnyeh naik bas, rasa macam lemah tulang-temulangku. Gitu dia punya seksanya

But Allah swt definitely knows me better. Di sebalik keluh kesah tersebut, He knows that I'm quite a kaki jalan & if I were married to the guy who, maybe lives just a few km away from my house, the chance of going jalan-jalan frequently might be slim

So, He sent a guy who was born, raised & membesar in Kuala Lumpur. And apparently, who drives once in 2 weeks to his hometown. Lols! Tu la. Daripada tak nak travel jauh-jauh during Raya, terus dapat suami yang rajin balik kampung

A.H had a 3 day course at Hospital Tumpat last week. So, instead of sampai rumah at 11 p.m from Sunday to Wednesday, by 6 p.m he was already home. The night before balik,  I ajak him to Yubiso KB Mall to buy myself this

Me & my new traveling partner

A.H: Bukan ke dah ade bantal dalam kereta? 
Saya: Tapi tu bantal lain. Ni bantal untuk headrest. Sebab nanti sedap sikit kita nak tido dalam kereta 

Semoga A.H terus tabah dapat co-driver pentido macam kita 

We usually began our journey balik kampung right after the office hours. I will drive from K.Bharu to his workplace in K.Krai, arrive there at about 6 pm & then we head straight to KL & arrive at the destination 6 hours later. But since last week A.H had a course, after office hours balik dulu rumah, mandi makan, main-main with my nephew, Umar & niece, Maryam etc, pukul 6.30pm baru bertolak dari K.Bharu. Hehe!

2y6m Umar & 5m Maryam. Sayang both so much!

 Being a super duper punctual person A.H is, of course he didn't feel happy about the delay. Lols! Chill Abam chill! Just be chill, as chill as my new traveling partner (P/s: I think I should give it name(s) lah)

 29/04/2016, Plaza Tol Bentong

I can't remember where I started to asleep. Raub? Ke before Raub lagi? Hehe! But what a relief bukak-bukak je mata dah nak masuk Gombak! Sleeping has been proven to shorten the traveling duration! Cer try!

Arrived at about 1 something a.m. It was tiring, tiring by car but it's easier for us to move around going places. Maka, sis redha sahajalah #halfredha #sisjoking #okfinehalfjoking

Jemput usya rumah mertua sis!

Bukan gambar rumah sebenar.
Definitely a photo of a random beautiful mansion I found on Instagram. Hehe!

This is the right photo

29/03/2016, Puncak Tamu Hill
My hardworking Husband posed at the balcony usai mengangkat cadar di jemuran

A.H had a locum slot at a nearby clinic on Friday morning from 8 a.m till 12 p.m. As a clingy wife, of course I had to tag along! Or more on the reason that we had some errands to do later. Baik follow siap-siap, so that he didn't have to go back & fetch me at home. I've been tagging along for quite some time that I have my own room in the clinic. Lols! Tqvm adik-adik staff yang manis!

Nice room ayte?

Went to Hospital Melaka later that night as A.H's uncle, Pok Teh was critical & unconscious. Arrived there at almost 1 a.m & although I didn't get the chance to know Pok Teh neither chat with him, seeing him lying so weak & unconscious made me sad. Only 2 visitors are allowed to go in per visit

Md Shah Jantan, Bed 19, High Dependancy Ward, Level 2, Hospital Melaka

Pok Teh passed away on  01/05/2015, Saturday at 3.30 a.m. May Allah swt forgive his sins, put his souls among the righteous & grant him jannah. Amin & al-fatihah

We left Puncak Tamu Hill on 31/04/2016 at 12 pm, later that usual. Maklumlah sampai rumah from Melaka at 4.30 a.m, jadi sis akui sis tak kuat dengan panggilan tilam. Apatah lagi dengan A.H yang memang non-stop drive 

10 minutes leaving the house, A.H asked me something which didn't cross my mind. At least for that day. His question was "Nak pergi Genting tak?". Lols! The journey from Puncak Tamu Hill - Genting Highlands is about 30 minutes, maka sis "Yes" kan sahaja

 What a view from the peak of Genting Highlands! Subhanallah!

The truth is, neither of us have ever been to Genting Highlands. We got lost there, didn't know or have any clue on where to go #nerdcouple We know that Genting Highlands is currently having a massive construction tapi ada orang cakap dah almost complete. Sebab tak pernah pergi, maka tak tahu la ada beza ke before & after, ke the place that we went to memang dorang tak ubah apa-apa?

Nonetheless, we, especially A.H enjoyed ourselves there with some shopping spree

Sales at Padini Outlet. What a rare sight to see A.H went wild here. Hehe!

A.H helping out this makcik foreigner to find the right size. Hmmm, she didn't think my Husband is a sale assistant, did she? 

 So semangat cari gerai jual Durian Fried which he said that he had read on the net cakap sedap. RM6 for 4 bijik & I failed to appreciate the taste. Opss!

 Not adventurous enough to try any of these. Mungkin juga akibat faktor usia

 Managed to grab a pair of Vincci flats that I've been eyeing for ages for only RM39 (from RM79)! Sayang nak pakai, simpan dulu kunun-kunun nak pakai for kenduri or Raya <- 1 of the lies I told myself. Lols!

Our first trip to Genting Highlands at the age of 29 & 30. Kesiannya lahai 

Menuju jalan pulang, about 4 hours later

Bertolak from Genting Highland at 4p.m & arrived in K.Bharu at 11.30 p.m. Nasib baik the next day Labour's Day, can rest-rest meneruskan saki-baki hidup cuti dengan senang hati

Next trip to balik kampung will be on 12/05/2016. InsyaAllah. This time ajak Ma & Abah balik sekali, shopping for Raya hendaknya

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