Sunday, 29 May 2016

Random Things

17/05/2016. Kompleks Mahkamah Pasir Mas
Sis acah-acah fix muncung shawl

I decided to list down a few random things about me. Just because I can. Lols! Tak de la. Actually nak update blog tapi tak tahu nak update ape but the passion is there! Paham tak macam mana? Membebel je la secara random. Mari!
  • 2 months since I started working at the new firm. Alhamdulillah. I couldn't be happier! 
  •  I rarely go to the court(s) nowadays, unlike when I was attached with the previous firm. Do I miss wearing black & white everyday? I do, honestly
  • I still want to further studies in archaeology and/or history. But paying for the tuition fees will be another story la pulak kan?
  • 15 months of Marriage & no rizq for a child yet. I've to admit there were times I felt so down but luckily A.H has always been more +ve than me & has always there to cheer me up. I keep telling myself over & over again that the rizq will come on the right time & Allah swt is definitely the best Planner of all. InsyaAllah, someday :)
  • But on a brighter note, boleh jalan-jalan here & there macam baru kahwin! Yay!
  • It's been a few months since we kept a pet/kitten. It feels so lonely that I believe, only cat lovers will understand. I've been asking around kot-kot ade kitten(s) to be adopted. Tak kesahlah siamese ke, kampung ke. Kalau dapat british short hair lagi suke! Macam Oh My Jep!
  • Tema Raya tahun ni tak confirm lagi. I kinda like pale yellow & white/grey. Macam tart nenas gitu
  • Tahun ni tak sure yet Raya kat mana but a thing for sure, it's A.H's kampung's turn. So, it's either Melaka or Perlis
  • Hoping for no drama Raya di pagi Raya. I never spent Raya far away from homeeeee!
  • My current weight is 45kg although at times rasa gemuk macam whale. Ke scale rumah kite rosak?
  • Been wanting to go to Egypt & Istanbul for holiday. But I know A.H will definitely want to re-visit New Zealand. Asal lalu highway, mesti cakap "Macam New Zealand la". Rindu letteww!
  • If you know me, you know my fashion sense is nothing on par to be compared with adik-adik hijabista di luar sana. But sis dah slow-slow berjinak dengan shawls dah sekarang! (walaupun kadang-kadang rasa macam sarang tebuan bergerak)
  • I've always been an optimistic. I hate seeing/knowing people sad. You may see me act like I don't care, padahal lepas tu overthink sorang-sorang, muram tak semena-mena
  • I've always tried to be nice to anyone I know dengan seikhlas mungkin. Tapi kadang-kadang bila orang macam tak appreciate kita, of course sis terasa. Not that I want something in return, tapi bila orang buat baik dengan kita, at least be mutual la kan? Huhu!
  • I claim myself to be a pure kaw-kaw Kelantanese but my Kelantanse dialect is not that good. Macam "why do I sound so pelik, mannn?" especially when I'm speaking with orang-orang lama. Padahal nak-nak minggu gomo budu

It's almost 11 pm. A.H will arrive anytime soon! I gtg! Bye!

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