Wednesday, 1 June 2016

C'est La Vie

Just yesterday, I received a few messages on my FB chat from a friend. Thought that it's going to be the usual FB messages that I often received from my friends asking for some legal advice. But I was wrong

Let's call my friend N, which stands for Nice. Just because she's a very nice person. I totally adore her; her personality, her attitude & she's just someone who is a beauty with brain

N & I have a few mutual friends whom were her primary schoolmates. One of them was a guy, my ex boyfriend to be exact (Don't worry. A.H's cool about this. I had told him everything, he even read  the FB chat which I had with N. Hehe!). And, the Guy was the main subject of our lengthy FB chat

To feed some curious souls who are reading this asking "Who is the Guy?", well, to cut the story short, he was my first boyfriend when I was 16 & we broke up 2 years later while we were in colleges. He went to study abroad (surprise surprise! Both A.H & the Guy went to the same uni but different course), came back for good 4 years later & currently working in one of o&g companies in KL. The Guy & I, we had been in on-off relationship for years, even after we broke up. And I finally decided to call it a final quit in 2013 & move on. 10 freaking years of up & down; what a memory. Lols!

Meanwhile for N & I; although we've been knowing each other for years, we never actually met in person. Oh wait, pernah once when we were at Hari Kecemerlangan SBP in Sains Muar (A.H's alma mater) in 2003. I knew N was a girl the Guy used to like when he was in the primary school but I never had the chance to get to know her more except that I had been stalking her FB & blog religiously (I'm a lawyer not for nothing huh? My stalking skill is undeniably good. Lols!) because her life was perfect, at least to me. 

After SPM, N went abroad to further her studies, met & married the man of her dreams/her unimate & gave birth to a cute baby boy there during their final year. I remember stalking her FB photos page & couldn't help but to adore her life & her super adorable baby. How perfect things are for her, how lucky she is to have a little family of 3 at 23 years old & how happy she is with her little family. While yours truly at that time was still struggling with Law School & had nothing to be proud of except his ability to finish reading some very thick classic English novels in a few days. Lols!

But Allah swt definitely knows better kan?

During the FB chat, N had confessed that her (ex) husband recently divorced her, after like 6 years of happy marriage & 3 kids. It was an utter surprise to me that I almost teared up & although we are nothing more than just FB friends, I can feel her pain, the gaping void the divorce has caused & the unspoken sadness. I was (and am still, in fact) so affected by it, that I've been thinking about it until now

"I cried a lot. Macam satu swimming pool"
"He was no longer the guy I knew"
"When this thing happened, it made me think 'Did I made the right decision (of marrying him)'?"
"How if it were another guy?"

Sigh! And how about the kids? The eldest is 6 & the youngest is 2.

"X (the first child) has been termenung a lot. He misses his Father"

I wish I can offer her more than some encouraging words. I wish I can be more than just a listener. Bila dah kahwin ni, I can totally understand that kind of situation. The feeling of betrayal, knowing that the guy you are married to, no longer loves you like he used to. The sacrifice, the susah payah together, the future of each other & most importantly the kids; have they ever gotten slip into his mind? 

But N is such a strong lady, albeit she admitted that she was a mess when the thing happened

Haih! Sedihnya. Told A.H about it & got emotional (A.H & N went to the same college btw but different batch). Both A.H & I pray the best for N & her kids. May Allah swt ease their affairs anak beranak & protect them from any evil. I believe the divorce won't happen without any reason. There must be something better that Allah swt has planned for N & her kids. Amin ya rabbal alamin

As for the Guy; N for some reasons had asked me whether I know the Guy's whereabouts since he's been mia so often that even his & their own friends don't know much about him. Apparently, she had a few dreams about him lately which made her more curious. In other words, N is trying to reconnect with him & seeking for my help. Not sure whether she has come to the right person but I'm trying to help her with all connection I have. Hehe! #stalkingskilltothenextlevel

As we believe, Allah swt is the best Planner of all. Things won't happen without any reason kan? A.H & I pray only the best for N & her kids. Who knows, the end of N & the Guy's jejak kasih might be a very happy ending? Even as friends but still :) 

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