Saturday, 23 July 2016

I'm A Stalker #edisipengakuantulusikhlas

Asalamualaikum & hallo! 

If I were to describe my fashion sense, the answers would be 'Simple' & 'Asal nampak semengah'. Lols! Definitely not someone who is opinionated on fashion & such

I love seeing pretty girls on Instagram (asal jangan berlebih sudahhh). 'Seeing' doesn't sound right, I think the word 'stalking' is better :P I mean, who doesn't like to look at pretty things, especially pretty faces! I'm easy to be wow-ed at girls who are not only pretty, but also well educated. Hence, the reason why I'm following some random girls who I found randomly on Instagram. It's kind of interesting to follow other people's lives on Instagram, especially those who seem to lead a different life than you. Like, different profession?

Anyway, stalking pretty sophisticated girls may have its bad effect on me sometimes. I mean, looking at them being so posh & pretty but me? Still a pretty much make-up virgin. I could be taken away by my own low self-confidence that I often said to A.H of how pity he is to be married to a woman who doesn't know how to doll up herself with make up & such

Of course he always had some nice words to console me because pardon moi, women love compliments & quite good at pishing for them just to make them feel better from times to times. I'm a woman so yes, I fall under the general rule with no exception :P #dilemaseorangwanita

Btw, here is a collage photos of before + after make up of yours truly, as an evidence that my make-up skill is nothing to wow at. Jika anak-anak Mama kelak terjumpa blog Mama & are reading this entry, percayalah nak that your Mama was once young, had less wrinkle(s) & yes, used to parade around a pair of lighter eye bags. Lols!


Some moisturizer + a thick layer of BB cream & compact powder + eyeliner + lipstick; and I'm ready to rock the world of rumah terbukaaaa! #teamrayasebulan #teamsukamakan #makanpahceroh

While, this was me on my Wedding day with the help of professional MUA


But come to think about it, instead of improving my make-up skill, baik rajin-rajinkan diri eat healthy & drink plenty of plain water kan? Beauty comes from within orang kata & honestly, I believe more on taking care of my skin rather than concealing it with make up. Make up je la setakat yang sis mampu. Asal nampak semengah kekdahnya.

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